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Kobra Team 1.1

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Get the Kobra Team together and clear the path!

This is just a short tech demo for a hopefully upcoming game, feedback is very much appreciated :D

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wasnt to bad, it lagged plenty and the characters were a lil slow.
i would consider addiung a real multiplayer and sounds, with maybe a weapon choice or pre-game screen were you can buy weapons or configure your equipment and stuff, with a bit more graphs and a enemy variety add.
all in all, pretty good demo, and i hope the non-demo version is much longer, with a speed increase in characters.

Good for a demo

Wait....where was the audio?!

Lol, other than that, I think it's a bit annoying that my team member(whoever's medic when I'm not) doesn't heal. At the boss fight I decided to equip heavy weapon since the boss was already following me, so I figured I could keep the others alive, while two of them shoot and one heals, but instead they all just kept shooting at him. I think you should consider adding something more strategical I suppose, because it seemed that all three of the team members had an identical idea of reacting to everything(even though short).

Before the boss fight I also found myself switching between Heavy and Medic, because they wouldn't heal. I think Imma just list my suggestions now:

- When the player's not medic, the current medic should heal. (Aim with heal gun at person with lowest health or health below 50%, etc.).
- Since this is a demo, I'm not going to lower score for this, but (obviously?) it should have a storyline and sounds. But I think you already knew these.
- Strategic options. Maybe you could add like the option to change your teammate's behavior or to let them switch their weapons.
- Maybe add something like a knife or something. I noticed how the enemies come pretty close to the team in various moments, but we keep having to shoot them. (With a shotgun, understandable, with other weapons not so understandable).

Other suggestions would be generic suggestions which you can come up yourself(survival mode, difficulty settings, etc.) so Imma leave now. Good luck in making the full ver.

Has potential but very choppy. since this is just a demo, hopefully the full version will be a lot better