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Rock n' Roll Flipper

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Author Comments

Try your skills in our classic style flipper game, collect all medal and reach the highest scores.


Well.. Honestly it wasn't that bad. The game itself was a pretty good replica of a classic pinball table. I do have some comments:

1. Pinball. The game is called Pinball (though in the UK the table may be known as a pin table, i believe the game is still pinball). I know it perhaps seems like picking at minutia, but still. I mean it comes with windows even.

2. Some of the sounds felt a bit off in particular the ball hitting the bumpers at the top. Though the music did feel suited to the game and the table style.

3. As others have said the play area is really small. Considering re-tooling the flash to give us a larger table.

4. No 'tilt'. Being able to nudge a pinball table to change the balls path is something that has been used in pinball games since the 1930s. Even if you can't nudge the table properly a pinball game isn't a pinball game without nudging (and the shame of setting off the tilt).

It is great to see that people still want to play pinball. And this is a beautifully designed table. Keep up the good work and consider re-tooling this a little. It is good. It could be even better.

Make the playing field bigger. You've got a lot of space to the right that could be playing field. The music loops gets very old after a very short amount of time. It needs to be longer with more variety of sounds. Although the ball moves quickly it doesn't seem to move fluently. It doesn't move the way a pinball actually does.

Nice... The ball seems to always want to go to the middle of the flippers though.

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Very good. I really liked the design. If you ask me, than I thought it was really cool (just needed a little bit more point opportunities).

The hole between the flippers is too wide, or the ball is too small. It's impossible to catch the ball with the flippers, which makes it unrealistic as a pinball game. Also, it would be helpful to have a feature where you could change the top lane lights with the flipper buttons, or have the lights remain on rather than change with each pass through. The main problems are the first two that I mentioned. Not a bad start, though.

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Credits & Info

3.13 / 5.00

Mar 30, 2012
5:20 AM EDT
Skill - Toss