Brock Meets Peach

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After a long adventure,Mario saves Princess Peach from the evil hands of Bowser,until lover boy Brock shows up and gets his eyes on Peach.
This is my first full flash animation.It is not perfect..but anyways enjoy..!
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I thought it was really good, but you should be careful of what you did just before the battle between Brock and Mario and Peach as the flashes were very quick and intense, and someone could have a seizure. I almost did from looking at it. However, I couldn't stop laughing as it was so funny.

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The art was alright, and the humor was okay at first. But I think this flash went on a little too long for the joke. You could have done a way with the poke battle and probably have been fine. The biggest flaw was the sound. If you could work on clearing up and balancing the audio and work on the timing of your jokes, you'll have a winner!

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Animation was good, mario's and princess peach's voice was good, but Brock threw the whole thing off. If you need voice actors, dont be afraid to ask around :3. Ps: I do voice acting as well as animation.

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mariohenri responds:

Thank you :/ I have been trying to find voice actors for the past 3 weeks to voice brock,one got ill and didn't have time,and the others did not want too.So I had to voice Brock, and the others.Plus with my french accent it's hard to talk like Brock.But it would be nice to see some of your voice acting skills and animation!

The title of the animation grabbed my attention instantly, seemed like a great mix, Peach and Brock. Anyways, I did enjoy the movie and it had its moments but the voices were not the best. At times the voices did not sync to the lips. By the way, where was Misty or Croagunk? I've never seen a Geodude stop Brock and his affairs. Overall, I liked the animation, it was entertaining and very original. Keep up the good work!

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mariohenri responds:

I was thinking of including them in the beginning,but decided to go with something different.I know the voices are not great mostly Brock.I have tried to find voice actors for weeks to volunteer them but none of wanted too beside Peach.With my French accent it's hard to speak with an english tone.Only advantage I have with is Mario.Thank you for your critic.

The animation looks great,but some parts could be improved.

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Mar 29, 2012
11:23 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody