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The Space Game

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Quick little space game! use arrow keys up and down to move. btw if your final score is higher than 50, your a freakin legend!

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Dude, this type of game has been made loads of times, next time do something a bit more original. Also dude fix the graphics, take your time and add cool drawing effects like shading to make it look good. Also make slower enemies, I felt like there was too much crap coming at me at the same time. So overall, good attempt, but could use a lot of work!

Far too cramped. I literally have only two seconds to react to each projectile on the first level, and less than one on the second level. Plus the ship moves quite slow.

Also, what's with automatically losing if you touch the edges? Is there a magical vacuum beyond the screen that is constantly shifting back and forth at high speeds which rips you apart if you so much as stick a single inch of your ship into it?

Lastly, I've always been a huge anti-fan of word-buttons with hitboxes that trace the letters in the words. You should make it so your buttons are an actual shape that surrounds the entire word like 'Play' or 'Title' instead of it just being contained within the body of the actual letters. Use a square or a circle for your buttons.

It's a good shot, though. But I'm giving it a 2.

blokeyboboy13 responds:

ok cool. yeah i'm sorta starting out so i thought i'd post this up for useful comments. the edge death thing i had to put in to stop players cheating and moving into nothing. i can always widen them i guess. but thanks for the useful input

I kept getting blasted with comets that were too fast to dodge, and the only way that I got past them was by remembering where they would hit.

Why did you even submit this?