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Let's get ready to go Jurassic on these alien invaders. Grab weapons and defend your ground.

Arrow keys to move
Q + E to change weapons
Space to activate rage mode when the meter is full.
Mouse to aim and shoot.


Loses it's charm pretty quick. There is no room to improve on the skill level, the only "skill" involved is the false one given by not telling you how to play the game. This should be a bonus level, or demo/tutorial level for a proper game, not the entire thing. It's horribly imbalanced due to the random item spawn and lack of reward for killing the ground minions who are more of a threat than the ships. Just so many things that could have been done better. This is fine to throw at someone at the end of a platforming level as a quick bonus for points, but as a game it just doesn't cut it. There's no indication of how to get the rage meter to fill. No explanation about the boosted jump you get from crouching. Nothing to inform you on how the weapons work and what combination to use them in. I get that since this is ALL you made, that is the point. But that's not good game design and you know it. A better way would be to have a progressive leveling system where you are introduced to elements as you go and the enemies get harder and more plentiful on each successive stage. As you go more and more weapons become available AND THEY ARE EXPLAINED. The map you navigate changes to accommodate different strategies. Maybe some in game goals, such as protecting other eggs from being destroyed. or bring something back to the cave without dying. You already have item pick ups. just duplicate the blue shield, change the image from the blue orb to some floating meat, or firewood, or a thing of water, or whatever it is the other dinosaurs need. You pick it up and have it until you get shot too many times, or until you reach the other side of the level.

However all of this would require more work on your part to design those levels and test them. And that may be asking for too much for a game that's already buggy with weird enemies floating in air that can't be damaged, the player randomly going under the map, no pause option, etc, etc.

2 stars, could've been 3 if you had independent volume sliders for narrator, sound effects, and music.

You guys are so close to making a professional product, rather than what feels unfinished and a little broken.

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It was both cute and exciting to play for such a simple game.

lol i glitched and went under the map and i couldnt move or shoot!

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Awesome game but one problem, there should be a story mode because that would make this the best game ever.

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buggy sound, no way to return to main menu, no way to turn of music or sound independently.

1st play through i fell though the map! the graphics are pretty cool and the monster dino form is fun but the game has very little skill involved the only thing you really do is see how long you can drag it out before you get whittled down to no health. i only really bothered spending 10min on it just to see if there was any more to this game.

there wasn't.

1/2 starts for decent graphics, but otherwise as a game... it sucked.

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3.98 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2012
5:35 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Run 'n Gun