Turtle Rescue

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Rescue all the cute little turtles who got stock in space! Using your arrow keys carefully land the spaceship on each pad and pick up all the turtles in order. The blinking white arrow will show you who is next! Every level has 2 turtles, once you get those move to the right to get to the next level. Enjoy these 10 fun levels...


Ok graphics, not so much original (I've saw a game called Abducktion), controls are smooth, but it is not very good in the coding(I've crashed when I shouldn'tve).

Pretty good game, not that difficult, easy to play, easy to control.

Actually a realy cool game. Kinda tough at first, and definitely impossible to beat on the first try (unless you're really lucky).

There are a few reasons I say this.

1. The 'breaking point' for how gently you have to land before spontaneously exploding is very, very low. You pretty much have to just barely tap each platform or you die. I simply did not realize how sensitive it was until I had already died three times. This can also be painful when you're trying to save fuel, because you're afraid that if you don't tap that 'up arrow' key enough before touching down, you'll blow up.

2. The level transitions can be deadly. For example, moving from level 5 to level 6, I was too low and ended up screen-jumping right into a low cliff.

3. Controlling the ship can be difficult at first if you're not very familiar with games like these, let alone games in general. Then again, I guess that second part isn't very solid since this is a flash games website... but still!

All in all, a pretty fun time. Short, sweet, simple, and not at all boring. I refused to give up until beating all ten levels! Took me 6 tries :P

Give this one a 5 / 5.

nice game... want to play this game....

Good job for the most part. Great animations and graphics, but a something that should be added are level selections and being able to go through each individual level instead of going through all ten with only three lives. Other then that it's good.

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3.04 / 5.00

Mar 29, 2012
12:59 AM EDT
Skill - Collect