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Lands Of Mobius eps 1

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extra 10 Points

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game over 10 Points

don't pay attention to your hp

to the limit 10 Points

Use your limit break

crab meat 25 Points

Beat the Devil Crab

wolf pelt 25 Points

Beat the Red Fang

mad mecha 100 Points

Force Mecha Sonic to use his limit break

Author Comments


I finally managed to finish a REAL project for once.

I've always wanted to do an Sonic RPG based game/movie

This is also the first project that has MEDALS, try and get em all.


THIS IS SO EPIC but I like tails more than sonic

This AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Okay first thing I noticed was that changing the quality ACTUALLY changed the quality of the sprites! This should never happen! You didn't trace-bitmap those sprites did you? That increases filesize and FPS lag a lot.
Anyway I get into the gameplay part, and I try diagonally moving only to find that you're missing those sprites...It looks pretty ugly sliding around like that.
Next issue was that little weakling crap being boss battle level hard. Also several numbers are not in the right font.
Then shortly after encountering it I tried using Aero with 0 mana and the game goes black. Now I can't get back to the fight, or do anything without restarting the page! You've given it a custom right-click menu, but you never thought to put a "return to main menu" or "go to scene select" button in it?!
Going back to the fights, I did not notice any change when Tails got to lvl2. When he got to lvl3 I did see he now had 310 life. I tried healing in the mech battle but it would not let me go past 300... Just to test this a bit more, I cast cure at the start of the battle and it DID 10 DAMAGE TO ME!
Also quite confusingly you have 2 scenes in scene select that cannot be accessed. It is not clear even after you've put the password in that they have become enabled.
The medal "To The Limit" gives no points...
Finally the thing that killed this is that it was not jsut an RPG which is a fine idea, but it was trying to be Final Fantasy and that is just stupid. You do not need to give the characters magic for no sane reason or give them limit breaks either for it to be an RPG.

Dialogue is not bad, though there are typos here and there. I cannot think of anything else that was good in this. Oh but there was one thing that REALLY impressed me! You somehow got this pile of crap a score of 4/5, that is pretty amazing!

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Okay this is weird you're using music from Mischif Makers, except the music is REVERSED! I can tell.
Mines of Narsh from FFIII

Can't wait for Episode 2! But... Could you make it easier? Like Devil Crab HP: 300 Red Fang HP: 490? And for attacks Normal Attack 32-41 Aero 54-60 Limit 230-241 and also you shall gain 2% LB when you attack and 6% LB when you get hurt. also this was a game i like! not just a single fight. 5 Stars! And your one of the best storyline makers i've seen this summer! Keep up with the good work. Btw, i like how you start off using tails!

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4.29 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2012
8:33 PM EDT
Adventure - RPG