Alligator Man: Origins

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The story of the powerful, yet misunderstood hero of ole... Alligator Man.
After a freak lab accident, this hero was born, and protects those close to him.. or something like that.
This is a flash cartoon that I've been having the idea for for quite some time... I finally got around to playing around and making it. I was a bit rushed making this, since I was turning it in as a school project as well.. only took 3 days, but I'm pretty proud of what I pumped out.

After a ton of trouble with audio sync, I finally resolved any issues that may be had.. the result is a slightly more compressed video file, but the quality is only lost a few times... sorry about that, but this was the only solution I could find.

Please enjoy.. again, sorry about the quality in parts=(

edit - front page!! wow oh wow! thanks so much!


Very funny, I literally did laugh out loud! The comedy was very good and the animation was also!!

The animation was pretty good for a 3 day job, my only nit pick lies with the comedic timing, but that's just me being overly critical.

Very good humour. The art isn't ideal, but practice makes perfect.
I kind of wish there had been an epic battle, but this works too.
Overall, good job.

Iznvm responds:

thanks man.. this version for some reason isnt as smooth as the original one, which is on youtube. But I doubt there will ever be too much of an epic battle=P

I enjoyed it, but I only laughed like once and that was at the end. Your animation was very good and there was no problems with the audio, but it really bothered me that it wasn't really funny even though it was in the Comedy section. I hope you don't think I was nit-picking. :)

Iznvm responds:

heh, it's fine... not everything is for everyone.. I'll try and be more roundabout funny in the future

Well this is certainly worth a "Lol". It's funny and random your art style is very nice, btw.

Though, the lip syncing wasn't very good and you could have done better.
All in all this is pretty humorous and worth the watch.

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3.97 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2012
5:36 PM EDT
Comedy - Original