Wordsearch: Easter

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Find the hidden Easter words in the letter grid. The quicker you find a word, the more points you get. Guess wrong and lose points. Nine levels with increasing number of words to find and three difficulties, each wit less time to complete a grid.

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It seems unfinished, every level has the same words as every other level

i don't know whether to call it unpolished or incomplete...

every level you're looking for a random pick of words including words you may have used in the last puzzle. as a matter of fact, my second puzzle, there were only 2 new words.

i ended up having to turn the quality to low, but it didn't really help at all. the game is just plain laggy. but the lowered speed didn't effect my game play when the time clock froze at 3:00 and stayed there. i didn't watch it get there, but i noticed it wasn't changing even when I found a new word. you may want to fix that...

also, while i was playing, i clicked on a letter in the upper left and got a pop up page. (that would really effected game play had the clock not broken.) your little G symbol thing doesn't always stay hidden.

art isn't that bad though the rabbits for every button is a bit repetitive. it's just a little boring, but it's not terrible.

a few suggestions:
you may want to consider putting a black outline around your letters so it can contrast with any color it's over, which is handy for writing over backgrounds as colorful as yours. it also wouldn't hurt if you put a grey filter square under the actual word search part to make the letters a much more obvious white on various tints of grey rather than white on hard colors.

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3.95 / 5.00

Mar 28, 2012
5:21 AM EDT
Puzzles - Other