Mega Man Dimensions

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I made this back in 2005. It was my first sprite video and I think it came out great for what it is. It's the first in a series I would like to make eventually. Mega Man is sent to other dimensions (other game worlds) by Dr. Wily since he simply cannot defeat Mega Man. Enjoy the short but sweet episode 1.


I really liked the concept to be honest. Its not the most creative thing in the world but i enjoyed it to say the least. If you plan on going forward with this series i would try to improve the animation just a bit. It was a little choppy and felt extremely slow and dragged out. Over all tho i thought it was great and would love to see where the story goes. Maybe something funny with samus or something like that Haha

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GrimmTrixX responds:

get out of my head! lol the 2nd one, when i started working on it but postponed it (obviously) was going to be in metroid and he helps Samus. lol

Great, nice work and I liked the ending music.

No plot, it showed that you had an idea but it didn't really tell a story or adventure that megaman was going to have, plusas soon as i saw it ended it left me wondering wtf did i just watch.

GrimmTrixX responds:

haha yea, trying to convey something about how Wily sends him to these other worlds but it ends up being his destiny that this happened. As you see, Mario was about to die but Mega Man just happened to be there to save him. Similar things could crop up later.

You should've had the entire 'start' as the start button, other than that it's pretty good.

GrimmTrixX responds:

this is just so great getting this feedback because oddly enough... half the stuff you guys are saying are stuff I thought of, or noticed as well, and shouldve chagnged. thanks

Not quite enough in it that holds attention, and the text boxes could go with the style more.

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3.16 / 5.00

Mar 27, 2012
9:59 PM EDT