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Your objective in this game is to conquer the galaxy and to defeat the terrible foe that stands in your way. To achieve this goal you need planets, solar systems, life forms, and other resources to man your ships.

In each level you need to build a fleet of starships and develop a strong resource base-- to succeed, you need to destroy the enemy mothership. Once you have destroyed your rival, you can move on to the next solar system and continue your conquest for the galaxy.

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This ended up being more interesting than I thought. I thought it was slow moving at first, but it really picked up! I admit that the graphics aren’t that great. I still like how gracefully the ships move and how you get a good clear shot of everything going on. Organization is what makes a good game. The blowing up parts were really cool.

The music is quite triumphant. That’s almost always an important factor in your games. Everything just goes really smoothly in this. I am glad to have come by it. You guys are so prolific!

You should add upgrades and galaxies !

Not bad game but hard to control ships

This game is ok at best. For me these kinds of games can be good, but this one just lacked the game play mechanics and just the overall fun was missing.

the game is kinda har and wished there was an easier way to move about the screen as the arrows are kinda slow and licking on the mini map can be annoying. also i could not figure out which forces cost what and what was better against other ships. and lastly making it so you could see a bit more of the battle at a time might make the combat easier to deal with. overall it was good though, hard but good