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March 26, 2012 –
April 19, 2019
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Well that was probably the "QUICKEST" game i played with medals All I asked was what is your name then some "SWASTICA" came up but I get it, it was entertaining but you should really think of ways to make the game harder and make the medals more harder to obtain, nice fun game though.

you should really think of ways to make the game harder and make the medals more harder to obtain



To get all the metals, type "Do you like pie". xD

<deleted> responds:

Type in anything really, its badly coded.

fun game. great medals. i got them all. they were easy for sure.
Nice work

Medals do work they just don't show up on the game, but the game is still fun! ***** to you (***** means five stars)!

lol! i just keep pressing send! xD

type potato for medals

at least it has medals

Lol yeah cheats..

I agree, skipper.

i type one word then i get all the awards

The Jebusian religion has begun. All hale Jebus.

I'm sitting here wondering what I just played. It was okay. Definite room for improvement. The techno music doesn't go well with the theme. I think you should carry on working on it. I think the Michael Jackson joke is old hat. Maybe keep one or two Michael jokes but add different types of people in to it. I think it has a lot of room for potential.

pretty good.....also can u invite me to help u with art on a game?

This isn't much of a game. All I can do is clicking one button (two, if you count the mute button). No matter what I type, I will always get the next line of the script, so there really is no interaction here.

The medals do work, but what point is there, if I get all the medals on the second answer? But even if the sending of the medals would trigger correctly, I would get all the medals eventually just by repeatedly clicking the "send" button.

The graphics aren't that good either. The character really is just a big, round head with sunglasses, the body is an undefined something.

Also, the buttons aren't done well. Only the text is clickable, which is a bit annoying, since it is so small. There are tons of tutorials out there that teach you how to create good buttons (even I could do it after reading a tutorial, so everybody should be able to do it ^^).

Overall, this isn't really a game and the script wasn't funny to me. I can only give you 1 star for this, sorry.

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Im just type "..........."
And then i get all medals.......

Seemed like an alright game. It is definitely silly, and fun, but there is obviously room for improvement here and there.

Character - This is the part I saw lacking the most. The character, I know, was just a representation of someone to be asked questions, but it still could have been made better. It just seems far too simplistic for my liking. Perhaps adding more detail would help overall.

Music - The music was nice, though it didn't seem in touch with the animation itself, it was a good enough song to be in the flash without taking away from the rest of it. Good choice for music, in my opinion.

Answers - The answers were alright, I'll admit some of them tickled me, but they could have been funnier. The part where the character turned into Michael Jackson was a tad confusing however, and you could have at least cut around the face to make it feel better.

Overall - It was alright. Could be better, but it was indeed a good effort. Keep it up

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<deleted> responds:

This is old work, I hate it.

This seemed to be alright but it kind of came off as boring sadly. Would have been great had the Michael Jackson answers maybe had some voice clips or maybe had the Jesus talk at some point during the answering.

Graphically this seemed kind of boring to me. There was no background and the only real thing that seemed to happen was his head bobbing up and down to the music kind of. That and then there was Michael Jackson's face that appeared. Could have maybe had it stretched and fitted over the face of the Jesus character you had here.

Game playing, it was just some random answers to questions. I feel this could have been nice if instead of changing to a brand new frame with just a picture of Michael Jackson's face, it could have simply reset to the first answer possible here and just started picking random answers to questions.

The audio was alright but did not feel like it really fit the mood for the flash. I think a classical song could have fit a little more here instead of a techno song since it kind of gave a feeling of there getting ready to be a battle between the Jesus and some person or creature.

Overall, it was alright, could have used a different song and had the game go back to an earlier answer rather than a final frame where the player is asked if they want to play it again.

Review Request Club

I really didn't find this enjoyable at all. It simply isn't humorous or fun.

This certainly wasn't very appealing graphically. First of all, the frame with the play button isn't interesting; it has a solid white background with solid black text, although I suppose the addition of light grey shadows behind the text is a nice touch.

It appears a little bit more interesting once the play button is pressed and you're taken to the screen on which the questions are asked, but only a little. The "Jebus" character was pretty basic looking with a circular head, rectangular body, and no arms. The shading, while it worked pretty well, could have been done a bit better. The same can be said about the glare on the sunglasses. I felt that the movement of his head was just a bit irritating. It might have worked better if the movement fit in well with the rhythm of the music rather than having no relation to it. The background, a simple black and white gradient, is no better. Gradients rarely ever look good, and the background in this game was no exception.

When the game ends, the player is taken to a "Game over" screen, which looks even worse than the "play" screen. It has the same solid white background, the same solid black text (this time with no shadows to at least make it appear a little more interesting,) and a low quality image of Micheal Jackson, stretched to be a little too large, which might as well have simply been left out. The frame would have looked better without it.

The background music worked fairly well as ambiance and had a nice rhythm to it, but it didn't loop perfectly. It also stopped immediately once the game ended. It would have been nice if it continued until the replay button was hit, or even better, it could have been replaced with some new music on the last frame. Come to think of it, perhaps you could have included multiple different songs and given the player the ability to choose one using buttons next to the mute button.

Aside from music, there were no sounds here, and not really any place to put them, so there isn't much more to say about audio here.

The concept of a random answer generator isn't exactly original, and even if it was, I've never really liked it. This one doesn't even add much that's new or interesting to the formula; you simply type in a question and see a completely unrelated response. The responses in this game weren't even slightly funny to me, and there weren't very many of them.

Rather than choosing the answers completely at random as most games of this type do, the answers are ordered and only appear once. This is perhaps the most original part of the game, but originality doesn't necessarily make it a good change. It actually works better when the answers are selected completely at random and the game doesn't end unless the player ends it. Of course, this alone wouldn't really improve the game, as the answers here are noticeably intended to be seen in a specific order. You'd have to completely remove a few of them, change others, and add many more so the game can be played longer without repeating answers.

There's not much to say about gameplay since all you do is type in a question and press "send," but button detection tends to be an issue. You could have included the text in a box-shaped button to make the buttons easier to use. Or, if you prefer the text looking as it currently does, simply put an invisible but clickable rectangle shaped button over the old buttons. I haven't used flash in years, but I think this should work.

It would be nice if the mute button worked properly rather than being irreversible, and the "cannot be undone" part that appears when the mouse rolls over the mute button should only appear then. Instead, you can simply roll the mouse over "cannot be undone" itself while it's not even there yet and it will appear, which just feels unorganized.

This game has nice audio, but needs significant improvement in all other areas. I wouldn't recommend making a ninth part.

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my answer to unlock all medals "is the author a justin beiber fan?'
jebus anwsers "HAIL!" with a swastica.LOL XD.ROFLOL

One of the most bizarro agmes ive played...

This game is strange, but okay. The medals did work for me, I received them all. It would be nice if there was more graphics, they could change after a certain number of answers. Once every ten or twenty. Are you planning a sequel?

<deleted> responds:

Maybe, but in the sequal I will improve stuff instead so I get no silly whiners.

where are my medals?

<deleted> responds:

I have no idea, it was working fine a few days ago.
Edit: You never pressed send , did you?

Very lame and a waste of time. It would have been better if you got an different answer for every question you ask.

0/5 I know you did this for fun, but you didn't put any effort into making it cause I didn't type in anything and it repeated the same stupid replies over and over.

<deleted> responds:

Click 'Send' to get a different answer.

Poor concept of a game. It makes no sense. I am disappointed.

horrible game, it has no sense , it´s totaly horrible, 0 stars, the medals also don´t works so the game totally sucks

<deleted> responds:

Medals DO work so shut up.

i think its uwsum!!!

(i called him a blackhole! ^_^)

Yeah 1.5. why? because this game is nonsense, it repeats all the words everytime, no matter what do you put in the talk box.

very sad, but not good game.

<deleted> responds:

People don't realise I get money for this shit and don't really care what else I get.

i thought the OTHER one was the last one.

<deleted> responds:

I came back.

Well, not good. Medals don't work.

<deleted> responds:

Updated, get all your medals lil boy!

This is game is stupid!! and the medals don't work!

This game was horrible, I don't see how anyone could find this interesting.

Not enjoyable in any way whatsoever.


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