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You met Her.

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Author Comments

The Director's Cut version of RAPTUS has been released for the International Day for the elimination of violence against women. Find out more at www.raptusgame.com

RAPTUS is an experimental INTERACTIVE FICTION that explores the concepts of Love and Death. What are you going to do with your own Guiltiness?
Can a single mistake destroy everything that you have?
How far would you go, to make up for your sins?
Love is a one-way street. Just like Death.

Mouse to bend character will.
Arrows to make him decide.
The illusion of free will.



I did enjoy this. I don't really see what people are having a problem with. Controls can be vague in these artsy games at times.

Lyzzie's comment just a bit down actually made me laugh. She's talking out her ass.

AlanZucconi responds:

Hi! :-)
RAPTUS is a little bit different from the usual games that you can find on Kongregate or ArmorGames.
So, I can't really complaint in all the players who are looking for a "casual" gameplay are disappointed. :p

I don't mind users that didn't like RAPTUS. Quite the opposite, I do appreciate feedback, even negative ones. Of course, only if they are constructive. :p

I got as far as "Push Him" but could get no further. Clicking anywhere did nothing but make the screen waver. Tried all sorts of things, nothing got any other reaction. This game is oozing with failure.

AlanZucconi responds:


For the "PUSH HIM" part you have to do the following things:
[1] Click the mouse and keep it clicked. This will create the "guiding light" He refers to in the dialogue before
[2] To push something... you have to be behind him! :-) Put the mouse BEHIND him and He will slowly advance (if the light is strong enough).
[3] While He is advancing, keep moving the mouse behind him to literally push him onwards.

There are several tutorial on YouTube.
One is this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xzFFxLmy338 !

spoilers warning

the main problem for me is that I did not like the main protagonist, which happens to be a schizophrenic murderer. So for me it impaired the whole experience. I think that the problem of having a mentally ill main character makes it hard to construct a story about choice since all his actions are driven by his disease. I feel embarassed then with the end. What does it mean ? That now he has a choice, in other words that he is cured of his disease ? So as whole, I find it a bit sloppy. The pace is both too slow (in the interaction) and too fast (in the narration). The music and atmosphere are good though. I look forward to see how you can explore deeper other close themes though.

AlanZucconi responds:

Hi lyzzie! Thank you for your questions!
The final choice was mainly made to let you decide what to do with him.
A part of people feel very sympathetic with him, and decided to let him live his life.
Other ones - like you, I suppose - didn't feel anything for him. Quite the opposite, they just want him to die for his crimes.
RAPTUS probably has way too many "meanings". :p And it is quite hard to follow and to find all the metaphors that contains. I will release a postmortem soon, trying to unravel some of these mysteries. :-)
But thank you for all the feedback because it's really helpful for ...my next game! :-)

nice story, I agree with octoraffe about how rape is love and how I don't feel sympathy for this guy, but nonetheless I like the art style and how it was done.

It's funny how people find this so deep and moving. I disagree. I can see what you've tried to accomplish here, that Love is not always the fairytale version in movies and books. That sometimes Love can mean something very different. But I see a mentally ill man who hears voices raping and killing a woman. Serial killers claim this as Love, which is obviously your end point here. But why is that so deep? I feel no sympathy for this man, who forced a woman into that position and then took her life, and yet I am supposed to feel for him. This story isn't touching, it's terrifying. I didn't have to think about this at all, you didn't actually give me anything to think on. You said "But what about rape and murder, isn't that love?" And the answer is of course NO.

Nice attempt, though, and I still enjoyed it. I just wish you hadn't advertised this game as something it isn't.

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Credits & Info

3.73 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2012
10:47 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click

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