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You met Her.

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Author Comments

The Director's Cut version of RAPTUS has been released for the International Day for the elimination of violence against women. Find out more at www.raptusgame.com

RAPTUS is an experimental INTERACTIVE FICTION that explores the concepts of Love and Death. What are you going to do with your own Guiltiness?
Can a single mistake destroy everything that you have?
How far would you go, to make up for your sins?
Love is a one-way street. Just like Death.

Mouse to bend character will.
Arrows to make him decide.
The illusion of free will.


Incredible game. It really did make me think about things and I had to read some of the comments and rethink about what happened to understand it. One thing I noticed is that when he driving near the beginning of the game it show what looks like the word rail onscreen. Why is that there?

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AlanZucconi responds:


Too bad that very few people got it! :p
It is RAIL, but because the light goes backward, you should read "LIAR". :-p
It appears in fact when he said "I realise now that I had no choice".
I was thinking about changing the "R" as I did with the title. And yes, the idea is stolen indeed from "REDRUM". :p

Well, in this game you play as a phyco-path who has problems. I don't know if Im just being cold but I think the dude you play as is one sick sun of a *ich. The maker did a great job. Its sorta short, and the story rating is: Meh... Because I can sum the entire story up in a second. Here: You are a crazy guy [as I already said] and you try to do some things to a girl, who isnt ready to do them. You get angry and murder her [cause your insain..] and hide the body. You then have the ability to decide what to do next! I personally think it was smartest to book-it after hiding the body and run for the hills.

This was amazing.
Fantastic pixel art, I especially loved the lighting effects. Great story, it really took an unexpected and exciting twist. Really just a great production all around. Loved it.

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This game is definitely something to think about. My interpretation is as follows:

This game is about a guy with two personalities.

The main character's main personality at first harbors regret over a situation later described in the game.

His original personality is the one that's scared to walk up to the girl, the one you have no control over. His split personality, you, eventually gets him to meet the girl.

Although not mentioned by this game, I believe, following that, some time passes and the relationship between the two grows.

The next scene starts when the two are about to do 'it' for the first time. Trouble kicks in here, however. Where his alternate personality never caused problems before it now eggs him on to kill her, which he does eventually.

His original personality in turn realizes he's in deep trouble if anyone finds out, and decides to throw her into the river to hide the evidence.

Once he does this, however, something else kicks in. He claims the thing egging him on in the past is gone. But think about this for a moment, all he says is that the side is gone, what happened to the fact that he just killed his girlfriend and threw her into a river?

In reality, his main personality still exists, but it has been subdued by his alternate one, as shown by the fact that you exercise full control whereas you could first only nudge the main character with the mouse.

In the end, I killed him. Unlikely most of the reviewers, however, I did not do so because I considered him a creep or because he 'deserved to die'. In fact, I felt sorry for him. I killed him because any existance in which your personality gets subdued is nothing short of torturous.

What makes the game thought-provoking is that much of the story is not mentioned as is left up to the imagination of the player. Some people could consider this lazy, but to be honest, I think this was intentional.

I'll forgive you the fact that this game is very slow and give you 5 stars.

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AlanZucconi responds:


I guess you perfectly understood RAPTUS! :-)
By the way, I don't think that his "second personality" wanted to kill her. At least, killing wasn't the main purpose. His real aims was owning her. Completely. A Love so deep (and dark) that required Her life as a tribute. Now he owns Her completely, and no-one will even be able to change this. Several killers actually claimed this as a justification for their crimes. :-p

IMO, this is one of the deepest and most thought-provoking games I have ever played. Very powerful. Nice and short, condensed. I love it. Thank you AlanZucconi for making this game!

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AlanZucconi responds:

Guess that I am the one who have to say thank you! :-)

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Credits & Info

3.73 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2012
10:47 AM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click

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