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Grow Your Balls!

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Be Creative! Grow Your Balls! (2011)

In an oppressive world, a "tanuki" (a Japanese folk legend), decides to rebel against the functioning of the system and faces his fears to regain his divine powers.

Inspired by the Japanese film "Pom Poko", Isaho Takahata (Studio Ghibli).

HD version here :

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i like grow my balls

Lots of work went into this though I don't fully understand the point so 5 stars anyway.

Great storyline, animation was good, it lacks of fluid movement but i liked it anyways.
I also think that this might be a great game with a little more of hard work. Like i said, i like it very much, either way :)

elmo likes balls

legends say that tanukis can use magic to transform/shapeshift. and that means they can grow their balls.