Turn Based Space Shooter

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Small experiment on the idea of a Turn Based SHMUP with the limited resource being fuel.

Maximize your score while making sure not to run out of fuel. Shoot enemy ships to get points and make them drop fuel.

Left and Right - Move (Costs 1 Fuel)
Down - Wait (Costs .5 Fuel)
Up - Shoot(Costs 2 Fuel)

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I've had a similar idea for a game, except with more preset choices. I'd love to share it with you sometime.

This is definitely a really cool concept, but like a few other people said, it would be cool to have more enemy variety and whatnot. Also, it seems like some of the collision detection doesn't work exactly like I'd expect. For example, if something is right next to you and you move towards it, you still hit it, even though, by the time you've moved into that space, it ought to have moved out of it. Also, if you're directly under an enemy and you shoot it, you still get killed, which seems bizarre.

Nice game. It has a very retro-type look. I enjoy the feeling of arcade and the idea of the game while all at the same time trying to get a high-score! All-in-all excellent game!

Really cool idea! I like the level of timing and strategy you need to score high. It'd be cool to see proper levels, with increasing levels of difficulty, maybe even bosses?

Oh, and can you make the advertisement not pop up every time I die? Or is Mochi in control of that...

malec2b responds:

Thanks. Also, the ads showing up after you die should be gone now.

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3.39 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2012
2:01 AM EDT
Strategy - Other