The Ball Madness

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Hit the red balls and create chain reactions, try to clicking as little as possible to get higher scores.


I had a BLAST with this game ! Pretty awesome. I was surprised to see such poor reviews. I wanted to see how many people enjoyed it as much as I did and much to my amazement, not too many people even finished it before writing a poor review.

Look people, it's not the creator of this game's fault that you can't figure it out and play it well. This is a thinking game which requires strategy so if you lack the faculties or choose not to employ them and as a result cannot complete the game, then you are blaming the wrong person.

5 stars.

I didn't start having any fun with this until Ball Delay was at its minimum. Seriously, before that it was like trying to blow a rubber duck across a vat of molasses. Nothing was happening.

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This upgrade idea is good. But i didn't understood this at the first time. Maybe you can build a little help or a menu?
I think the speed is too high and the circles appear too late. You should make the first level that everyone can reach it in the first tries. It's for me a little bit frustrating to play it 20 times to reach the target in the first level.
And the score has rather many points ... 3.333.334 points for one try is a little bit high isn't it?
Overall a funny and short little game.

Very fun, yet short lived. It felt as if the upgrades should have become more expensive exponentially, also, the "name" feature automatically reverts to "Ball Fans" after each round.

not a bad little game. Its makes you think a bit and is fun. The only real complaint i have is its to short and there is nothing in the the form of obstucles to make a challange.

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3.10 / 5.00

Mar 26, 2012
1:10 AM EDT
Skill - Collect