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first_bug 5 Points

kill one of the insectoid mini-bosses

lazarus_horde 5 Points

stockpile 5 extra lives

star_dude 5 Points

collect 250 bonus stars

bug_hunter 10 Points

kill 25 of the insectoid mini-bosses

cosmic_bling 10 Points

collect 100 diamonds

pixel_haze 10 Points

kill 20 enemies in under 3 seconds

superstitious_multiplier 10 Points

accumulate a x13 score multiplier

comeback_king 25 Points

replenish full health after dropping to 2/3

squadron_slaughter 25 Points

annihilate 50 enemy squads on a single level

endless_shield 50 Points

maintain shields for 13 seconds

humungous_multiplier 50 Points

accumulate a x100 score multiplier

squadzilla 50 Points

score 1,000,000 points in squad bonuses

Author Comments

Those evil aliens sure are dumb.

They learned nothing from the humiliation of defeat at the battle of Starmageddon and continue to foolishly believe they can beat us. Here they come again intent on enslaving mankind, molesting our livestock and just generally being downright rude.

We're not gonna stand for that.
You know what to do soldier - give 'em hell...
Shoot stuff. Collect stuff ejected from the stuff you just shot.

Move your ship using either the mouse or the arrow or WASD keys. Your guns fire automatically. Activate your repulsion-wave with the left mouse-button or X or M key. The repulser functions defensively by destroying all enemy bullets it touches and blocking enemy beam weapons.
It also has an offensive function, inflicting damage on all enemies in range. An upgraded repulser can be an effective means of quickly annihilating large groups of closely packed enemies.

Dying enemies eject treasure worth money you can spend in the shop on upgrades, stars for extra points and power-ups which replenish health, increase lives, increase score-multiplier or activate shields.

Annihilate all enemies in a formation to gain a squad-bonus worth extra points.

Enemies armed with beam-weapons unleash a shockwave when they explode, similar in effect to your repulser, this can be helpful when fighting hordes of enemies.

...This is the sequel to my previous game "Starmageddon".
I'm not sure if I've managed to improve on the original, I've made a lot of incremental changes which I _hope_ are improvements. One thing I'm definitely pleased with is the addition of "squad bonuses" awarded for annihilating entire enemy formations: Whenever I play these sort of games I always get a kind of OCD satisfaction from being so thorough and I wanted the game to acknowledge that sense of achievement.

BUG FIX: sfx mute should be working now


I loved the first one, and I love this one. The formula of "Make a lot of things, then blow them up" is one that just can't go wrong. The game is beautiful, fun and intense. If I had one suggestion for Starmageddon III, it would be that this game could benefit from a "bullet time" feature balanced by a lower health total--because the only thing that is more intense than a storm of bullets and explosions everywhere is knowing that those bullets are a little more deadly!

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Vibe13 responds:

I really like the idea of 'bullet time' - once you think about it it's an obvious winner in a game like this

Consider this a significant leap over ya last one. This is the only game I've played so much that earning all the metals meant nothing so long as I actually managed to finish. Lol. Great design, great sound, good difficulty, lots of replayability, I want more!

Oh, look, that's 5 stars, that's the first time that's happened.

Lol, well, this was great in every aspect and it was really, really hard to find anything to improve upon. One of the things I noticed around hour 2 of playing however was that as you mentioned earlier you let the FX take precedence over the gameplay itself. Which while it didn't slow anything down was noticeable in the later levels with dozens of enemies eating my lasers. Point (2) was the sound track, the thump and pump kept my blood rushing to my hands to keep playing but after a while got drowned out. A little diversity between the three difficulty tiers would have helped I think.

And (honestly) the only other thing that I can think of that niggled at my mind was how your own ship was so basic and almost uninspired compared the rest of the baddies. I'm a little blue shell laughing and screaming while slaughtering an entire species. Easy to spot, yes, but still a little customization or visual improvements woulda been cool.

Now then, excuse me while I take the bodies of my enemies and use their bones to build a whorehouse for their women, lighting the torches to the alter with the fire from their bellies.

Vibe13 responds:

The player ship was the first sprite I designed and I think I got better at doing it over the course of developing this game, I _should_ have gone back and fancied it up a little, but by the end I was exhausted and didn't have the energy....next time around I'd really like to design multiple ship sprites maybe indicating your level of armor upgrade or something

This game is soooooo sick Ive been playing for hours and it gets better and better!!
this is like a mix from old school space defender but a lot harder love it keep up the good work!! 5/5 Stars from me

Vibe13 responds:

thanks for the support dude.....at allways helps to keep me motivated.

I lag a lot when I try to use the mouse to navigate. Is there anything you can do to fix that? Or would I have to try changing the quality? Please reply. :)

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Vibe13 responds:

I've heard about this problem with the mouse from a few people so I'm looking into it...unfortunately at the moment I have very little idea what might be causing it - especially 'cuz it doesn't happen for me. However I do have a few things I can follow up, so I'll see what I can do...

...sorry I didn't implement any quality-controls :(
But if the problem only occurs with mouse-controls and not keyboard controls then I'm not sure if that would have helped in this instance.

Just got two things to say. First this game is EPIC. Second this music is freaking tight .

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Credits & Info

4.02 / 5.00

Mar 25, 2012
10:22 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight