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College-Ruled Universe

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Author Comments

THIS GAME IS LESS THAN 12 MINUTES CAPS-LOCK. It IS a demo, so there's a few issues unresolved, but I'm working to fix them as I get feedback!
--edit 2-- HOLY SH*T! Front page! Whoooo!! Thanks Tom and thanks Newgrounds! And yes, I'm looking at all your comments, really appreciate the feedback. :D
--edit-- tweaked some balance issues, upped the framerate.
CRU is a side scrolling shooter/exploration game. This is a SHORT ASS DEMO, which means I can only show a bit of the exploration, the bulk of the demo is the shoot-em-up section.

Controls: (once you get to the shooting part!)
_----==** Z: shoot X: shield C: charge beam **==----_
The beam gauge charges when you kill an enemy; If you slaughter them like the beast you are, you'll charge it up, dude.

ANYWAYS have fun ng!


mmmm good but short 8/10 4/5


Nice game.

It looks like a good start. The graphics were done very well, and I think that's the game's best asset (no pun intended).

This could definitely turn in to a good hardcore shooter game. Also, you can even find an in-game use for the platformer aspect of the game, maybe some side quest or maybe you land "inside" and enemy base or something, and take the core out on foot, then hurry and get back to your ship and escape before the place goes up, or something.

Should you continue the game, I'm sure you'll add more power-ups, enemies, sound effects, and all the extra polish. Please consider adding a pause ability, and the ability to mute music or sounds.

I hope you find yourself a good AS3.0 programmer.
Good skill on your game, soldier.

- Ziro out.

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LordDF responds:

Hey Ziro, thanks for the great review. Yea, there's a lot of polish left out of this demo since I did it in such a hurry. That's a good idea about landing inside an enemy!

For a demo, this gives me high expectations. The gameplay is not a masterpiece, I guess, but the art is wonderful and together with the music conveys a very surreal, eerie atmosphere. The full game is definitely something I'm looking ahead to.

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this reminds me of an old game i used to play on the ps2 called einhander looked similar to this game... maybe you should take a look at the game and find some ideas, just sayin. i liked the game cant wait to see finished product.

LordDF responds:

Actually I've played Einhander. Brilliant game.

Pretty cool.
The boss gave me a bit of trouble with it's not-so-typical attacks but I pulled through (somehow, and only after lossing several lives to that stone-launch-from-behind thingy).
Seeing as this is a Beta might I suggest that you change the controlls?
As in "Please don't use X and Z because in europe a lot of people have something like a QWERTZ-keyboard - aka our Z is where your Y is. Doesb't make controlling exactely easier. ASDF or maybe even JKL or something should work on both kinds.

I like the graphics. Maybe because I like the whole "floaty islands" idea. If people tell you they don't like it they shouldn't be playing ti in the first place . . .
I guess you can do a lot more with colour if you'd want to.

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Credits & Info

3.61 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2012
4:37 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight