College-Ruled Universe

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THIS GAME IS LESS THAN 12 MINUTES CAPS-LOCK. It IS a demo, so there's a few issues unresolved, but I'm working to fix them as I get feedback!
--edit 2-- HOLY SH*T! Front page! Whoooo!! Thanks Tom and thanks Newgrounds! And yes, I'm looking at all your comments, really appreciate the feedback. :D
--edit-- tweaked some balance issues, upped the framerate.
CRU is a side scrolling shooter/exploration game. This is a SHORT ASS DEMO, which means I can only show a bit of the exploration, the bulk of the demo is the shoot-em-up section.

Controls: (once you get to the shooting part!)
_----==** Z: shoot X: shield C: charge beam **==----_
The beam gauge charges when you kill an enemy; If you slaughter them like the beast you are, you'll charge it up, dude.

ANYWAYS have fun ng!


.. . wow, i'm buying! very unique artstyle. thanks for the eyeball massage.

This game is addicting! I'd love to see it where it isnt a demo!

This is just a demo?!? Wow. The artwork is just beautiful, quite different from the norm, especially late in on the shooter section. I'd love to see more of the exploration section, I'd love to see that turned into some quality platforming. As for the shooting section, you might want to include more enemies and shooting. It was too easy to find areas where the enemy simply didn't go most of the time. Loved the boss, that was the strangest boss fight I've seen in a long time, and that's saying something.

Great game really had a lot of fun with it amazing art style. and just want to say to yoouuy
please don't put that kind of stupid crap on here this is for serious reviews and feedback only

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BADASS. Need cheat codes ASAP lol

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3.61 / 5.00

Mar 24, 2012
4:37 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Horizontal Flight