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Curious Clarissa

rated 3.57 / 5 stars
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Mar 23, 2012 | 9:48 AM EDT

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Chaos in the House 10 Points Find all Clarissa's toys in the hall
Easy 10 Points Complete the game in easy mode
Flowery Yard 10 Points Find all Clarissa's toys in the yard
Summer Dreams 10 Points Find all Clarissa's toys on the beach
Sunny Sandbox 10 Points Find all Clarissa's toys in the sandbox
Toy Disorder 10 Points Find all Clarissa's toys in the nursery
Medium 25 Points Complete the game in medium mode
Hard 50 Points Complete the game in hard mode

Author Comments

It is time to collect toys. Clarissa is a very restless girl. She plays wherever she wants and often forgets her toys. Check out all the playgrounds and help Clarissa to collect all the toys!



Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

This is a fun and easy game. The graphics are nice. Colors are very bright and cheerful. Difficult was easy. Good work on this game. Will there be a sequel?


Rated 2 / 5 stars

Whether or not you correct these errors is up to you.

1. Coding errors:
a. Beach scene in easy, medium or hard mode there's an item that says: "<eng><eng> a green" which actually refers to a green hedgehog.
b. In the sandbox scene, medium difficulty, I encountered an item called "assetitem2". It's shaped as a ball but I don't know what ball it's referring to. So I have to click all balls and found out it was the purple ball.

2. Draughts. Refers to the game itself (For those unfamiliar with it, its also called checkers). If you mean the piece that we're suppose to find, refer to it as 'draught piece'. There is also a scene where we need to find 'draughts'. Please refer to it as 2 draught pieces or draught pieces to distinguish from a single draught piece.

3. Inconsistencies. I found a lot of color and item inconsistencies in this game. A dark shade refers to a lighter shade on another scene/mode although it is still called "dark". Here are some examples:
a. Orange butterfly. The butterfly is not really orange and is almost indistinguishable with the yellow one. The only difference with the two of the is the orange butterfly has orange border around it. In the yard scene the yellow butterfly has a thick light orange border which could be mistaken as an orange butterfly.
b. Hard mode, sandbox scene, the red cross is not red. It's purple. But then it's the only cross on the sandbox.
c. On the sandbox scene "a red balloon" refers to "red ball".
d. Hard mode, beach scene, "dark blue ball" is not dark in color.
e. Hall scene. "Dark blue hedgehog" is lighter in color. "Dark blue" color is inconsistent throughout the game.
f. Easy mode, sandbox scene, the violet ball refers to violet balloon.
g. Pentagon vs. Pentahedron. In medium mode, sandbox scene it is referred to as pentahedron while on medium mode, nursery scene, it is referred to as a pentagon. Though the object doesn't even qualify as a pentagon or a pentahedron. Keep the terminologies simple for the children to easily identify.

4. Hedgehog. When I saw it I was looking for either the animal itself or a stuffed version of it. It's called a porcupine ball.

5. Challenge. It lacks in this aspect. The game is too easy even on hard mode. Make it more challenging. Exmples:
a. reducing the time by a few seconds every time the player randomly clicks.
b. Limiting hints to 3 for the whole game mode/difficulty and it does not recharge. This may be a children's game but it's too easy even for children.

6. Typographical error. Easy mode, sandbox scene, there's an item called "a green buckey" which refers to a green bucket.

7. Medals. While playing the game for the first time on easy mode and finishing it I got frustrated since I didn't get the area medals. Only until I finished the whole game that I got the medals. So please specify on the medals that it can only be earned on hard mode or until you finish the whole game.

8. Easy mode, sandbox scene, the red wine ball small almost indistinguishable to red ball. This looks like a children's game and children don't know what a red wine ball is.

9. Game Title. From your 'Author Comments' and gameplay it doesn't match with the adjective curious. Which part of the game or at least your comment says that she's curious?

1. The items needed changes every time you play.
2. Since it's a children's game it really appeals to the kids. The brightly colored and cute items attracts their attention.

1. No pause button. returning to the menu restarts your game.
2. To easy even on hard mode.
3. Has inconsistencies but it doesn't really disrupt the gameplay.

Overall, It's not a bad game. It just need a few corrections and some polishing.

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Rated 5 / 5 stars

easy maybe. ... XD LOL! :3 add me! this game rolls :3 !


Rated 2.5 / 5 stars

Not very challeging for me, but still a well made game. There were some minor issues with the item names or unprecise names which were kinda bad for the medium and hard mode.
- wrong/flawed names (e.g [eng][eng]Duck) kk, maybe it wasnt the duck, but it was something else
- missing adjective (e.g last level, either red draught or normal draught)

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Rated 3.5 / 5 stars

It's a fun game, and the different difficulties make it replayable (and still fun). Music is mildly catchy, SFX are good. There is a bug that occurs randomly, when an item will be labeled something like "A22RRRT" or something. When it's listed, you can click any item and it'll count as being right - which is problematic when it's another item on the list you're supposed to find!

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