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ro.bit is a small arcade style platformer that is designed to have addictive game play, there is only one level and the focus is on getting the highest score, it is comparable to games like SuperCrateBox.

---How to Play---
UP - Jetpack - - Volume Up
LEFT - Walk Left + - Volume Down
RIGHT - Walk Right 0 - Mute Volume
SPACE - Shoot ESC/P - Pause

Battery - Upgrades your weapon and power level
Heart - Adds 1 HP point
Multiplier - Doubles the current points per kill

- Double jump up the side of boxes if you're about to fall
- A new powerup won't spawn until you pick up the current one
- The higher your power level is the more enemies will spawn
- As you unlock new weapons, new enemies will begin to spawn
- To get a higher score get as many multipliers as possible

ro.bit was never designed to be released and was just a project I started to learn how to make a simple platformer under flash. As time progressed though I got a lot of positive feedback and decided to finish and release it, overall the project took around 3 and a half months from start to finish.

All the credit for the artwork and code goes to me, the sound effects belong to various owners and the music goes to 8-bit Betty (www.8bitbetty.com).

ro.bit was built using Flixel, Newgrounds API, Flash Develop, Flixel Power Tools and Dame.

Thanks to all the beta testers and other developers who helped me create ro.bit over the development period!

If you want to contact me or give feedback just contact my Newgrounds account "Packiee".


Feels and looks like a beginner flash project, which is apparently what it is, according to the description. Pretty good for what it is, but not worth uploading for anything other than critique. Jumping is really floaty, gameplay is bland, level design is bad, graphics aren't cohesive (they don't look like one work; it looks like you took a bunch of different assets and threw them together), enemy AI is really basic, character and enemy design is really boring and uninspired. The character's sprite also changes color when jumping. Not sure if that's intentional or not. If it is, I'd scrap that idea, because it's sort of distracting. Most interesting aspect is the music. Good work on your first platformer, and keep it up, but I'd say this is not worth uploading as a finished product.

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2.86 / 5.00

Mar 22, 2012
11:33 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Other