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This is my very first "full body" animation. Decided to not animate stickfigures for once.
I did not even make a storyboard for this animation. I just animated as I went on, so there might be some lack of story and meaning in this animation.
Hope you all enjoy, and feel free to criticise.

[edit] Daily 4th! Thanx alot Newgrounds :)


wow really nice, I think it shows us growing, in the experiences of life.
We are born into a cold world- snowfields
And we are taken into a warm location where danger is not presented to us so as not to scar us-cave
However as a child we like to explore and we make mistakes-underground
As a young adult we run from our past but it eventually catches up to us-the creature
Eventually when our story ends we finally escape from our demons, and the cycle starts over with the new generation

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Wow, really great. Nice animation for moving characters, but the backgrounds really stand out as something beatiful. The music was also great, each contributed to the mood and made the entire thing have a but of an emotional tug, even though the story itself was simple.

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You know for just a quick little film this wasnt that bad keep it up man

aww, that was really cute =) short and sweet!

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Animation: excellent
Sound: very good
Story/Atmosphere: enchanting
If you continue creating work like this the frontpage will start to feel like a second home to you. Maybe you can work out a little more facial expression for the next one.

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4.11 / 5.00

Mar 22, 2012
6:05 PM EDT