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Please keep in mind that this game is little more than a glorified engine demo.

This engine was written some time ago, but due to large amounts schoolwork I just haven't had time to make anything with it. So I took a short break from my thesis and threw this together in a day.

The game's engine was written to emulate the restrictions of the SNES. Unlike with Story of the Blanks which emulated the limitations of the NES. I haven't actually made a real SNES game before so some details may be wrong.

Some SNES features were left out, like for example Mode 7. And even though the SNES supports more than two tile layers I restricted the engine to two so I could use 16 colors for both.

I used the information on this site http:// emudocs.org / Super NES / General / snesdoc.html

The sound effects are once again from freesound.org and the music is from Newgrounds. Credits are in the game.

MLP:FiM is copyright by Hasbro. This is a fangame made by a fan. It is not endorsed by, or in any way connected with Hasbro.


I found the secret in the field with bunnies and fences. If you gather all the bunnies in one place and get them close enough to for them to be touching by chasing them, they will disappear and Derpy will appear their place saying "I just don't know what went wrong." It doesn't seem like anyone found this one yet but I could be wrong.

How to start this game?

very good game, i think the glirch pony is angel ._. ...

this fucking game will be destroyed until the day i shove a knife into your skull.

Awesome game! I liked the three easter eggs to! only two you think? Nope! Theres a Mario one, the glith ponies and mystery cave.

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4.11 / 5.00

Mar 22, 2012
1:00 PM EDT
Action - Fighting - Brawler