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30th March Update:
We hope to have fixed issue whereby occasionally green and yellow power-ups sometimes took you to a dead end.

Grow your neuron as long as possible by using your mouse to click on protein targets within your circle of influence.

You can only click on protein targets within your circle of influence but you need to be quick as it decreases over time.

Connect with special pink, green, yellow and blue protein targets for a range of power ups to help you overcome rival neurons that compete with you for the available protein targets.

'Axon' uses real features of neuron development in the foetal brain. You can find out more by clicking on The Science link from the main menu of the game.


other competing opponents Don't (visibly) die, try making them die and fade/ brown/ turn to food. Maybe
by mmo/ all competitors can, without knowledge be put in a room together somehow.

Reviewing this game like any other game on this site just woundn't be fair. To be fair, the game consists of connecting dots (proteins targets) to other dots. Different color dots do varying things such as connect alot of dots together all at once or grow your field of influence so you can connect farther dots together. Written like this, the game doesn't sound all that interesting. But if I tell you the dots are proteins and connecting them mimics the process a fetal brain goes through during its development, now it sounds interesting! Neuron development can be compared to a tree falling in the rain forest. When the sun hits the forest floor, thousands of plant species begin a race to grow and collect as much sunlight as possible. Some make it to the top and collect sunlight indefinetly. Most lose the race and die in the dark. Neuron development is almost the same except billions upon billions neurons are "racing for the top". Not really fair calling them "dots" is it? This game breaks barriers and compels you to think of the miracle that each of us really are. That even in our development, neurons are fighting for their right to exist inside our own brain. All life everywhere, fights for their right to exist and this game shows one such struggle on a microscopic level. Very well done! The music compliments the action very well. The graphics while bordering on simple are more than enough to convey the struggle of your "neuron". The gameplay is hectic at times watching a competing neuron gobble up protein targets in your path while your influence diminishes. Thus I have no complaint or gripe to level at this game. You have delivered your message in a fun and interactive way that will keep me and many, many others coming back to witness "neuron development" I hope this review does justice to the work and creativity that has gone into this game. Well done and keep them coming!

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This game is really entertaining. I like how you play against yourself. The concept is simple and informative.

For what this game is, it is a a 4 start.

As a game overall it is a 3.

I split the diffrerence for you.


This may be one of the most fun games I've ever played online, but it is certainly the most interesting. Its funtertainment!

At first, I thought this game was going to be too easy. I then realized that it doesn't matter, because it's still a fun thing. My favorite part is when I get to the green spots and they speed up the process. In case anyone's wondering, the red stuff can end the game immediately. I knew a lot about axons before. It might be because I've gone through a lot of mental pain in my life, or I'm just good textbook wise.

I also like how everything flashes and stuff. It's cool to see how it's fun even though it might just be the same thing over and over. It really makes you appreciate your own mind. I already know a lot about the science of axons, so I'm not going to look at it. I think the music is also nice and sets the game up well.

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4.36 / 5.00

Mar 22, 2012
11:18 AM EDT
Action - Other