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Dork Legends S01E01

rated 1.89 / 5 stars
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Mar 22, 2012 | 5:08 AM EDT

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Author Comments

Prepared is a story, now enshrined with internet glory. Gather around young and old, a Dork Legend is about to be told.

Three young Lads stumble upon a king's forgotten treasure. They quest to reunite him with his property.

If you like this cartoon, why not check out my channel I am busy trying to make awesome with cartoons. er/TheStringiniBros

The two guys talking about my entry in the foreground are a satire of a serious problem I am having here on NEWGROUNDS.

Some people here at Newgrounds are trying to blam me for having Youtube links. They are wrong for that and don't even rate my art based on its merits. They think Newgrounds isn't about artistic merits, but instead they think Newgrounds is about agreeing with your buddies and thinking you're cool. OH REEEAAAALLLY? Check out the ratings of my other submissions to see the effect of their unjust biased.

Enough about them, if YOU like my stuff, please check out my channel and sub on youtube. If I get blammed that's the place you're gonna have to go to see my animations. That kinda makes YOUTUBE special. er/TheStringiniBros



Rated 2 / 5 stars

This flash confuses me a bit. I assumed that the little video in the back was what you were submitting and the guys in the front were just an add-on thing, but since the video in the back is so tiny the text is pretty much impossible to read. I don't see why you couldn't have the guys in the front only be there during the preloader or disappear when you press play or something, that would have easily fixed this situation. On the other hand, if I rate you based on the guys in the foreground, I'm left with some irritating vocals, very limited animation, and not really a plot or pun, just a whiny rant. I'm not sure what program you use that won't allow you to export videos as swf files (which would easily solve the problem you seem to be having with newgrounds people) but do you really think it's wise to post it here at all?

I'm not going to rush into a biker gang and tell them they HAVE to let me in the gang even though I'm driving a golf cart. It seems like you just want to pick a fight for the sake of picking one, to be honest. You can't really fault people for disagreeing with you when you seem to be raging so hard. When flash cartoons are drawn they typically come out at higher quality when exported as swf videos than avi, so if your problem is that people rate you lower because the quality is lower that seems silly. Especially in cases like this where you could have put out a high-quality video but instead garbled the screen with the two unnecessary characters.

Realistically, and I'm being sincere here, what do you hope to accomplish by posting videos here and calling people at newgrounds idiots? I know you're already thinking about how you're going to tell me off or whatever, but put that aside for a second and SERIOUSLY ask yourself if telling them they're dumb is going to get you a higher score or make them accept you or something.

You don't HAVE to post on newgrounds. You seem to have a youtube channel and your author's comments make it pretty clear that you favor youtube, so why not just post there and be satisfied with it? You know there are idiots here, so just show off your stuff in the place that accepts you. Then there's no rage from you, no rage from them, no rage anywhere. Everyone is happy, everyone wins, everyone enjoys life.

Tarilefreak, the lowest review score I currently see on the page, very kindly explained that he feels people don't like the youtube thing simply because we all like newgrounds, it's a cool place to us, and when you belittle it and talk down about it people take offense. And that's true. As human beings anything we feel proud to be a part of (a family, a club, a country, etc), if that's insulted then we will feel we've been insulted by association. Despite a surprisingly civil review, you completely twisted his words in your reply (something I'm not looking forward to) and lashed out at him for it.

My advice, and I mean this in the nicest way possible my friend, is to tune out the people who are dicks (if that's me, then hey, go for it) and put that energy into enjoying what you do, however you decide to do it. If you just love what you make, eventually you'll have plenty of fans who love it too, and the people who don't you won't even be stressed about. Ranting and raging PROBABLY won't improve your scores much...

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StringAnime responds:

Click the Zoom button? :D


Rated 3 / 5 stars

Okay so i rated 3.. So what?... Heres the topic.

First of all this is disqusting 2nd. the turd? really.

Even 2 people argues and 1 mean 1 good.. But i like that.

Its still disqusting....

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StringAnime responds:

I don't mind your legit opinion. I just hate when people rate my art submissions based on their personal anti-1st party hosting position. If people want 1st paty hosting to be illegal, rating my cartoons low isn't gonna get it done. If my animation grossed you out, I supose it had to happen to some.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

As usual, the animation looks very polished and clean and much better than any animation here on NG. It's a pity that reviewers are bitching about the embedded YouTube video and vote 0 without actually watching it.

Keep up the good work.


Rated 5 / 5 stars

First off, as a collaborator on this projecdt now that I see it, I hate the two little guys. I liked the movie better without it. But maybe it will do some good and make the unreasonable people who keep blamming our content look at themselves.

This review is preemptive. I'm tired of all the bullshit about youtube. The youtube issue is really quite simple. NG will not allow us to upload video files. If this special place is only about the love of art then why put such a constraint on the artist? I don't personally mind NGs forcing us to take this route, but I am sick of our projects getting artificially low reviews for trying to find a way to share stuff that had to go a little beyond flash.

if you look at our last several submissions, what you basically see is a number of people writing reviews who are completely unreasonable or have some very ignorant views about the "rules". They don't want us to use youtube, ok, so then how do they suggest we get our work on this site without COMPRIMISING our art? We are not shills for youtube, we can't control where youtube puts their logo, is there some "cooler" video site we should be using is there some more chic brand name you would like to see on our video? if it is all about the art then why is our art consistantly being shit on for commercially sensitive reasons? Simply because we have to resort to embedding our movies because newgrounds only accepts "art" in the prescribed format.

Sometimes artists have to bear a little commercialism to survive. Of course, since very few of you know what it means to support a family, I doubt you could sympathize with people who have more to worry about than feeding their own bloated bellies.

We are going to continue to upload our stuff to youtube and embed it here, mostly just to piss off our enemies.


Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Amazing artwork with a meaning. I saw what you did there with mouthing.
People tend to think that any entry having just a video pasted from youtube is a way of stealing others work, that why they probably blam it. I don't think anyone will be bothered to go and check the name of person who submitted an entry here and then check youtube if its under the same name.

StringAnime responds:

Thanks you. I am afraid that a lot of the Blamming isn't an innocent act of protecting Newgrounds from counterfeit submission videos, rather it is in large a deliberate act of conformity, hammering the nail that sticks out.