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Armed Uprising 5 Points

Destroy 100 enemies.

Armored 5 Points

Upgrade your ship to have 10 HP.

Cybelian Rockminer 5 Points

Mine 30 ore.

Improved by Technology 5 Points

Upgrade your ship 10 times.

Public Enemy 5 Points

Achieve 50 points of reputation.

Renegade 5 Points

Complete 5 missions.

Explorer 10 Points

Enter the Nyx Conglomeration and the Terminus Cloud.

Hard to Kill 10 Points

Upgrade your ship to have 25 HP.

Lead by Example 10 Points

Achieve 100 points of reputation.

Mining Expert 10 Points

Mine 100 ore.

Rebel 10 Points

Complete 20 missions.

Sword of the Revolution 10 Points

Destroy 500 enemies.

Take Over the Hardware 10 Points

Upgrade your ship 20 times.

Grumpy Old Miner 25 Points

Mine 250 ore.

More Famous Than Jupiter 25 Points

Achieve 250 points of reputation.

New Ships, Same Result 25 Points

Destroy the fleet threatening the Porus Mining Quadrate.

Revolutionary 25 Points

Complete 50 missions.

Scientific Method 25 Points

Upgrade your ship 30 times.

Shield of the People 25 Points

Upgrade your ship to have 50 HP.

Wrath of the People 25 Points

Destroy 1000 enemies.

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

Unlock this medal to learn its secrets!

Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Secret Medal ????? Points

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Author Comments

X - shoot (keep it pressed)
C - call allies/reinforcements (if you have any)
Q - exit level
0 - mute
-/+ - adjust volume
P - pause
M - menu (map only; you can select allies from here)

Traitor puts you into the shoes of a soldier of the Augustan Hegemony, forced to rise up against your former masters after you're ordered to do something you simply cannot accept. Explore the Aventinus Complex, complete missions, upgrade your ship and gather allies until you can overthrow the tyrants who have brought such misery to the people.

[Note: If you're playing in Firefox and experience odd control problems, try switching to Chrome or Opera.]

[Current version: 1.7]

1. The game opens up after the 4th mission, when you reach the map.
2. Upgrades are available in shops on the map screen.
3. The menu allows you to see your stats, achievements and allies.
4. If a mission is too difficult, try playing a different one and upgrading your ship.
5. In some situations, survival is more important than destroying all enemy ships.

If your medals aren't unlocking, this is probably because the NG server is having some hiccups. Try reloading the page and see if the preloader ad is being displayed. Then go to the in-game Achievements screen; the game will try to unlock any medals you should already have.


A truly marvelous game, admittedly the gameplay got a ltitle repetitive after awhile, but to me story is often more important than gameplay and the story was truly engrossing.

After playing awhile, the responses you get from finishing missions, I began to feel like I was really there, like I was a true hero of the people.

Thank you for that wonderful experience.

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Ah, a nearly flawless game. A good twist to the arcade-style vertical shooter was the exploration part. I got through the game in one sitting. Never a game on newgrounds made me do such a thing. As it was previously said, once you get all the upgrades, the game stops being challenging, but still enjoyable anyway. The music, albeit good, proves to be a bit repetitive towards the end of the game.
There should be more games like this out there, this is really a master piece.

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A very nice game. However, I seemed to have missed a mission since I got 245/250 reputation and the only "reputation giving" mission is the final one.

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This is a really great game. For one, the concept behind the game is well-executed--it's a top-down shooter, but you're free to explore the world around you. I think the open world works great in this game because it really encourages exploration, and it supports the fantastic upgrade system. This is the reason why I, like some other players whose reviews I've read, played through this whole game in one sitting. It took me hours--but I was that hooked!

Also, the style and attention to detail in this game make it all the more appealing--every object is made out of gridlines, but the coloring and even textures (look at the BIG asteroids) on each object makes the appearance of the game much richer while maintaining that fresh, arcade-like quality. Plus, the music was EXCELLENT. Whenever you begin a final mission for a certain location, it opens with this chilling synth that really makes it feel like you've gotta concentrate or else you're gonna die!

But, while this game is nearly flawless, I did have some issues with it. First of all, the difficulty labels seemed a little inconsistent to me. I found that I couldn't beat most missions against the Augustan Military (these are pretty hard missions) labeled "Medium," but it was a breeze taking down the final enemy in the arena--a mission that was labeled "Hard." There were a few other instances where I found missions to be impossibly difficult despite being labelled otherwise or vice versa. Also, at one point in the game--maybe three fourths in--I found one station where you could blast away to earn 1,000 credits (this was also a mission labelled "Hard" but was pretty easy), so I grinded out the mission over and over until I had 18.000 credits--enough to buy a +2 power upgrade. After that, I was practically invincible. I beat a few other missions and bought more upgrades, and I didn't lose a single mission after that. This made the last quarter of the game a bit tedious, since the levels weren't very challenging.

But, other than that, this game does its job very well. Most top-down shooters do get tiresome very quickly. Now, it is true that this game got a little tiresome after I upgraded to a point where I effectively broke the game, but this game captured my attention much longer, thanks to an incredible upgrade system and the impeccable presentation (art, music). Other than the small problems that I had with this game, it was a thrill to play, and I'd love to see more from you!

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Really great game. Only thing I would say needs to be added is a ship status so that you can see how close you are to dying. Or like an alarm sound to warn you that you are close to death. Other then that really great game.

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Credits & Info

4.18 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2012
5:54 PM EDT
Action - Shooter - Vertical Flight