Kony 2012

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So this Kony thing has been a big deal lately and has taken the web by storm.

While I was in the process of animating this, one of the co-founders of InvisibleChildren ( the company that produced the Kony 2012 video ) had a mental breakdown.


Update: Thanks for the front page! Stay cool.


Sounds about right XD

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Zachary responds:


Really sloppy animation and art, combined with what I assume was suppose to be a joke at the end, this was just a poor submission all around. It's not that the joke wasn't funny, it was that I don't even know what the joke is suppose to be.

The writing here needed a lot more cohesiveness as it seemed to be just thrown together at the last minute. The fact that there are two people credited for the writing is rather embarrassing considering there was only about 3 lines of speaking and it still managed to be nonsense.

Zachary responds:

Because writing is only dialogue.


Zachary responds:

Glad you... enjoyed it haha?

This made me laugh a bit, despite the general bad quality of the drawings.

What you could do to improve is.

Use less thick of borders. Also don't use pure black if you want. That looks better.
Use the line tool, or hold SHIFT with the brush to draw straight lines. That way boxes and tables can look a lot better.

Also, if you learn perspective that'll help out a lot. With it you could've made that shot of him on the computer desk pretty interesting, instead of flat, how it was.

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Zachary responds:

Thanks! I'll take them into consideration.

The only reason I don't feel bad about sharing the KONY2012 video is because I did it when it was on <300,000 views so I wasn't trying to be "mainstream". BTW nice animation skills but would rather it to be a little longer.

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Zachary responds:

Glad you liked it!

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Mar 21, 2012
12:05 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody