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Build your creature army to overthrow the King! Total of 28 different creatures! Each of them has different abilities, try to combine them effectively!
Walkthroughs: http://www.ntfusion.net/w alkthroughs/MjYz.html
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The GUI of this game makes it hard to see what you're doing when you start. It would be awesome with a description of the weakness/strengths of each race.

The gameplay also reminds a lot of certain other games on Newgrounds, can't remember their names though.

All in all, nothing too new or interesting. A good time waster though.

This game reminds me of a grinding game...
you play the same match over and over again till you have enough gold to upgrade your army so it can win the next battle.
and so it replays the whole game..

Let me start by saying the art, animation and sounds are very consistent and perfect for this game.
The first half of the game was relatively easy - but not too much so. This changes during the second half. I couldn't get past level 9 with a team of fully evolved creatures. I'm not saying that's a bad thing, but if it's a strategy game, maybe that should be said a little more clearly.
I think a forfeit option would be a nice addition.
Even though I couldn't finish the game, I thoroughly enjoyed the time I spent playing it.

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Excellent game. There are a couple of improvements/questions that can be made (in my opinion):
1. Adding trophies
2. The guy you unlock at the end says he has all abilities but doesn't (inserting him onto my team results in a quicker demise in Endless).
3. It's fairly quick to go through all of the combinations and power them all up - perhaps allow the ability to keep feeding them for endless mode? I suppose trying all the different team combinations would take time up but I think I'd still be left wanting more.

The team I came up with was Dark Dragon, Scarface, Blade Spirit, and Entropy getting me the A-level of the final unlock and level 8 on Endless.

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ntfusion responds:

Thank you for your feedbacks!
The last guy, Romeo, will randomly choose an ability before entering into battle. Actually, you can fight 50+ levels in Endless, try more combinations :P

Great game. Would be better if you could get more creatures, or upgrade to higher levels. I would also love if it was longer.

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4.01 / 5.00

Mar 21, 2012
2:52 AM EDT
Strategy - Other