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Basically my first attempt at using Flash with motion tweens and that so i know it's really bad. I also rushed the ending of it, so the guy looks shoddy too.. The task was to create an animation for a game trailer for a storyline we'd thought up. Feedback is highly welcome as i need to write a report on how it comes across to the audience.


I don't think its fair for me to criticize your work as you are just beginning but what counts is that your doing it. look up tutorials and learn how to add a start menu and maybe a little bit about actionscript. Other then that I wish you luck and I hope to see your animations

I'm new to flash myself, so all animation criticism aside, I wasn't very sure what the enemies were. I understand that the silhouette of the monsters was probably intended to be mysterious, but it came across to me as flying demon manatees. Good luck on your project!

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I like the story but I don't like the animation.
It looks like play-doh somwhat, but i'm sure you could of done better.
You just didn't.

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No Ending, bad timing, try again

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xxobeyxx responds:

Yeah. Really rushed it and really bad at Flash. Ty for feedback.

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Mar 20, 2012
4:57 PM EDT