Cellar Door

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Progressive Games Beta 1.0

Finally we can unveil our first little piece of digital entertainment for you. A little taste of great things to come! we hope you like it!
Check out Cellar Door, and drop us a comment
or two to let us know what you think of it.

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Show it to your friends, we want all the feedback we can get.
And keep your wits about you! It might be a wee bit creepy!

And remember to turn up the volume...!


whats with the phone has anybody tried it

great game. It was pretty hard and scary but i eventually got it. it only took me two tries to beat it but i almost didn't. i click the last marble right before the timer hit zero. talk about lucky right.

ProgressivegamesDLE responds:

Pretty lucky - nicely done. :)

I was a scary game I will admit but i kept getting turned around to much, it made it hard to get around. Next time why not add a turning mechanism so you can turn around when ever you feel like it. Also a map would have done wonders. Also I almost wet myself play this. I do say good sir well done.

ProgressivegamesDLE responds:

Thanks, sssBullet!
We're glad you liked it! Everybody seems to want a map - but when has anyone ever had a map while exploring a haunted house??? ;)
Thanks for your comments.
Please watch for more games from Progressive Games - coming soon...!

This game could have been really good. The setting is promising, both the looks and the sounds are fine and quite creepy. With a good quest and better controls it could have been awesome! But unfortunately it's just a massive pixel hunt in a creepy setting! And a timed pixel hunt, to make things worse!
What kind of a stupid quest is this: "Find 10 tiny marbles hidden in a big old house, at night, for a random little girl, in 9 minutes! Good luck in your very serious and interesting adventure!"
1) You might as well ask the player to find 10 needles hidden in a haystack in 9 minutes it would be just as much fun and as fair (for the (un)fairness I mean finding lots of hard to find stuff in a short time)!
2) Were you so much out of ides you couldn't come out with at least some half assed story with puzzles, items and such, instead just a marble hunt?

As I mentioned before, I consider the timer a really bad idea. Do you think it's possible to find all 10 marbles in time at the first try? If not do you really expect the player to try again and again from the beginning lots of times until he finally succeeds? Well, maybe there are a few mazochist like that but I don't think they are many. I for one hate to lose progress and start everything over.

One more thing I disliked is the controls. The problem with them is that instead of a "go back" arrow you have "turn around". One problem with this is that if you want to go back one room and face the same direction you are faceing now, you need 3 steps instead of just one. The other problem is that you get easyly disoriented becouse you get a completely different view when you are going back. Also if you want to (and of course you need to) check every corner, you have to turn around and back in every room. One room is essentially two rooms this way so you might as well could have just placed more rooms around and used a classical, not disorienting control scheme!
(And no, it's not more realistic with this "turn around" way, becouse in reality turning is a continuus process and it can't occur that you don't recognize the same room when you look a different part of it!)

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ProgressivegamesDLE responds:

Hi, Istentelen.

Thanks for your interest! We're certainly not in doubt as to what you thought of the game.

Have you read any of the previous comments? As we've responded to several before, this game was made as a kind of beta test for some of the elements that we're using in the larger games that we have in production. So we appreciate all the feedback that we get.

We're aware that the navigation needs improvement, and that people would like more things to find and puzzles and so on - you'll find elements like these implemented in our coming projects. As for the timer, yes, seriously, lots of people have played the game over and over again in an effort to find all 10 marbles and hear more about the little ghost girl's secret. So it's not a complete fail. ;)

On this project, though, our focus was mainly the photo-realistic visual style, the sound and the atmosphere, to see how people will respond to that kind of creepy setting - since it's the kind of atmosphere we plan to build on and allow to grow into a whole Progressive Games universe.

So we're pleased to see that you liked the setting, and we certainly appreciate your thoughts and ideas concerning navigation and gameplay.

We hope you'll keep an eye out for our coming projects...!

This was the first horror game I've played in a long time, and I tried playing through with a skeptic's mindset.
That being said, it still had its points where I wanted to jump.
Most of the ghosts/visions easily could have been cheesy, but they were placed well enough that they worked. It seems that some of them are random(i.e. they don't always appear the first time you enter a room), which is a really nice touch.
The timer adds a nice element of suspense to the game, sort of like an impending doom scenario.
My favorite element of this game however, was the view. The fisheye sort of camera worked wonders on establishing the creepy environment.
All things considered, I give it a 4.5/5.

ProgressivegamesDLE responds:

Thanks. All the things you mention are the things we really had a lot of focus on while producing this. As you may have read in previous comments, this was a beta test for future projects, so we really appreciate the detailed feedback. And that you like the stuff that we like about it. :)

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3.43 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2012
12:21 PM EDT
Adventure - Point 'n Click