My Lazy Dad (Episode 105)

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Boy is in desperate need of medical care. Unfortunately, Lazy Dad doesn't medically care...

For the pilot episode (Episode 101 "Medieval on Your Ass") and better quality versions of all videos, visit www.youtube.com/mylazydad


haha, thats more of a tape'Raptor' then a tapeworm, also noticed the nurse with the tight top on there, you sneaky thing you. I like these concepts they show a lot of promise but I agree with MistyEntertainment below me. Just keep practicing and you'll get there

A good concept, but needs a lot of work.


The colors you chose here are horrid. There's no harmony whatsoever, nothing stands out and nothing is visually appealing. The characters look notably awkward with their positioning. Specifically, the kid - his head is tilted back and his arms are stiff.


The next time you see a cartoon, study the character designs. Note the harmony in the colors they chose and how the characters you see are actually drawn well and exaggerated to a certain extent.


Barely any animation here. Motion tween after motion tween. The whole point of animating something is to bring something to life and this didn't accomplish that. The whole time they appear awkwardly stiff, the only thing moving being their mouths. Even low-budget cartoons like the ones Hanna-Barbera made back in the day had more animation. You don't even have to do more than two drawings, just re-use them every now and then to avoid it looking like they're lifeless puppets. If you have a tablet, I recommend using the brush tool.

Advice: Add more poses and animate something. It's awkward when a character floats around and it's even more awkward when you blatantly flip it like it's a piece of paper or somethin'.

Direction: okay

so other than that this was decent;;;;

Sir MyLazyDad what you need to do is something that the whole community of new grounds can have a good laugh at i would advise that you write some thing better for god shakes chap any way everything else was good but you could have use the paint brush in flash it makes animation a whole lot better

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3.15 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2012
6:35 AM EDT
Comedy - Original