Halo In A Nutshell

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A lot of frustration and excitement came out of this project. I almost lost it 2 times due to project corruption and a power outage. Fortunately, it's finished and I'm quite happy with the way it turned out for it being my first animation. I think the shading is off in multiple places, but I would love some criticism on this. I hope you all enjoy it.

As well, sorry for the loop. I'm still learning flash itself. The next animation will have a play button, I promise!


Its lame it just says 1 thing that may not be true

I dont understand why people hate on halo wars. People not liking RTS games doesn't mean Halo Wars was a bad RTS. Its not like they kept the fact that Halo Wars was an RTS a secret. Anyone who has played any other RTS on a console will tell you that Halo Wars is the best RTS on console ever.

JGNation responds:

It was also how Halo wans original intended to be. If you don't like it then you don't have to agree with it. Just my personal opinion hahah

that happens sometimes

the only problem that i have with this flash is that he says during the halo 3 clip "*sigh* this is starting to get a little repetitive Bungie" meaning that he is tired of the fact that little to no additions were made in halo 3... however in halo reach they changed everything making the game better in every way.

what i really dont understand is why the gamer hung himself after playing reach (a great game) but not after playing halo wars (a terrible game), the gamer himself doesnt know what he wants XD.

but other than that, the animation was pretty solid it looks clean or polished if that makes any sense XD

But... But... Halo wars is like the only game I play... Tempted but I'll judge this fairly ; ). good aniamtion and you hit on what most of us 'OLDER' halo fans think

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3.38 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2012
6:31 AM EDT