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Half A Minute Ball

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Author Comments

You have half a minute, Control the great ball and its size, how much you can score is up to you!!

You can press and hold Z and X to control how fast you score.
Hitting black balls or walls causes score to get deducted by 300 points!!

This game is something I created after being inspired by the circleplosiion game from years ago. I love avoider games, Even though this game lacks much graphical quality, it has a novel feature, You control exactly how difficult the game is.

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Interesting game.

Bugs :
Scored over 6900 and no score marked on the leaderboard.
What's with the random "stop();" that appears mainly in the right upper corner?

Alright I scored 899, but on the screen that gives me the option to submit it, it shows my score as NaN.N. So um what gives?

i like this game

Iteresting idea, but not enough to keep me at it for longer then a few tries.

No frills avoid game

The graphic were good, and I like the choice of font. While I don't feel it's necessary to add snazzy graphics, a little more variety of color might make it more visually appealing. I did appreciate the contrast in color between the ball you control and the balls to avoid, too. The collision detection was good and as you stated in the description, the novelty of the player controlling the difficulty/score is what separates this from other simple avoid games.

I thought the music was a poor choice. More specifically, I think something more fast paced would be a better match for an avoid game. If you choose to keep classical music, then polish it a little. The loop was a little uneven and it was a bit distracting. The hiscores didn't work for me, it assigned me a score with letters instead of numbers.

This is a great concept for a game, and your execution was good. This seems like a concept you could expand upon to make it a more complete, engaging game. Offering a 'how long can you last' feature might be the next step. Solid effort.

Credits & Info

3.48 / 5.00

Mar 20, 2012
12:05 AM EDT