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This is an animation to be used as part of my coursework for college. This is the first animation I've ever done and the class has been asked to upload their animations to newgrounds to see what comments people would make.

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I think your style could use a lot of work, I'm talking about the first scene thats mostly hand drawn, though The part with the bridge seemed really well designed though. Not to sure what its about. If you spend more time on this it could be so much better As you have said in a previous comment about neglecting this project. There is potential here, especially with that bridge scene

Decent, I like the looks of it, though there are a few things id fix.

1- The sounds should cut off a bit smother, maybe find a longer sound and lower the volume as it nears the end.
2- A few of the buildings and the water look a bit rushed, cant we do better?

And just to keep from seeming harsh, how long did you have to work on this?

DaneHill responds:

Thanks for the suggestions, I will deffinately take them into consideration while I'm improving the animation.

In terms of time passed since the task was issued, around 3-4 weeks; however, this was alongside other subjects, and unfortunately, this animation took the brunt of the neglect.

The sound is a little loud and the perspective on the city buildings doesn't have a common vanishing point. Painting your background with a thinner brush might also help, visually.

DaneHill responds:

Regretfully, I only had a few minutes to put the sounds in and I couldnt do much editing on them.

I appologise for the lack of common perspective on the buildings, I found it hard working on the limited canvas I was permitted to use while fitting in the panning shot. I will, however, remember to use a thinner brush on the buildings (they were a bit rushed) especially since it worked so well on the character.

Was this inspired from Terry Prachett's character from Discworld? If so, that is pretty cool! Was there supposed to be a bigger story behind the animation, though? If there is one, I did not really see it. It might help if there was a little exposition for the video.

DaneHill responds:

Yes, the college project is to create a game using a character from the Discworld series.
There is a bigger story behind it, but the piece is unfinished (the ending title was just put in to make it seem finished and will be removed later.). Unfortunately I have not yet had time to finish the animation.

good start!
did notice that the bridge disspeared in one of the frames
most everything fits for the short amount of content

DaneHill responds:

It's stil a work in progress, and I havent had the time to put in the sound for that part, but that part was going to be lightning lol. Thanks for the input though :)

edit- sorry, my mistake, the bridge does vanish when it shouldn't, thanks for the comment :)

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Mar 19, 2012
2:55 PM EDT