Gym Battles

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Hey, everyone!

This took me about a week, maybe a little longer. It's pretty short, but I really like how it came out.

I'd love some feedback on how to improve! Thanks :)


it feels like you didn't even try.

i will tell you some feedback on how to improve.
make them longer or make a lot of em cuz that was hilrious but no seriously talking make the voices a little more clear cuz i think the gym leader was eating while talking(maybe that was the joke?).
also could you answer me this? what was that sound on the backgournd i really dint get wut was that sounded like peruvian flutes on acid or sumething anyway great work dude i love ypur work keep em going

Er, I'm apparently going against the proven gods here on ng but if I'm not mistaken Oney, Spazkid, Egoraptor, Pebble, Tomska and all the (other million) "popular artists" don't have exclusive rights to stupid humor. Egoraptor wasn't the first one to use it, some of the first videos on this site are the stupidest and most hilarious things I've seen, if anyone started it was Stamper. It's obvious you can do proportions with your body you did it well with the gym leader, and since he is making the video he can make the proportions as shitty as he wants, that in itself reflects his style. Egoraptor's art is really good and colorful but that's because that's the purpose of a piece he sits down to draw vs. animate. Also being condescending of this humor for being "stupid" or "immature" is almost a paradox seeing how the internet is infested with meme's and cock jokes. This flash was a little hollow feeling though because it was two guys having a conversation and they both basically had the same voice; mixing it up is what makes a good video. Also I will concede on proportions of the face, I think Ash's face changed way too much for it to be a believable shift, it looks like you stuck with the first face you drew, however your drawing of pikachu is as memorable as Egoraptor's O face. Also the lip syncing was sporadic, a bit annoying how fast, but it seemed like the movement of the lips was pretty much there. To me I didn't see spaz or Oney or anyone else but KawaiiPiranha style. So he made a big dude with dubby tits, doesn't mean he's spazkid. Or the fact that his character died makes it like HappyHarry. I actually like this artist too bc of (forgive me) his skyrim video, the voice acting on that was gold in my opinion, I look forward to more.

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That was...interesting. I got a chuckle out of it, but was mainly dissapointed in just how short it was. Needs to be much longer.

Overall i found it great but personally i think it could have use a little more energy in the voice work and/or music. I know you we're probably going for that absolutely ridiculous vibe but personally i think a momentary change of pace in the voices/sounds/background music can really bring out the humor more.

Also, i thought people had grown out of saying people are ripping off people like EgoRaptor and OneyG. Just because their submissions are popular doesn't mean they've coined a style as their own. Everyone has inspiration and derive their work from something. People need to get their heads out of their asses and off your favorite NG animators dicks.

Overall a great submission, could use a bit of work here and there but i really enjoyed it. good art, great voices. Keep it up!

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3.79 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2012
1:53 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody

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