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I made this in about 2 hours after school. One hour was just experimenting with the glass break scene. Hope you thin its as shitty as i do. Made in piece of shit flash 8

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not bad it was pretty fun
i like the part when he stated to hit hem
but for your first animation it was good

remember practice makes perfect. =3

i cant stop laughing at this. but to the guy who put the first review, come on. its his first video on Newgrounds, give him a break. dont give him a bad time about it. still, its pretty funny.

better than you make it out to be :P
throw some more backgrounds in there and this would be a 3 star!

Your main problem here is that you do not havea Play or an End screen, which causes the video to loop over and voer on itself. Not the worst thing ever, right? Only thing is, this means the music loops over itself, so on every subsiquent play you have that same song (which was far too loud and was clipping like crazy) stacking on top of itself. It becomes unbearable after only five seconds of the second play, and I can only imagine will become horrific from there.

Besides that I'm not really sure what the premise is, exactly. We have no idea who the dude is that the (I assume) G-Man is following, or why he has a huge problem with it in the first place. Yes, we can assume and fill in a lot of the holes ourselves, but we shouldn't have to.

And of course, the end is incredibly anti-climactic and sudden. I think more time spent on who these people are and what's going on would help you with that problem immensely.


TheScreamingFedora responds:

If you could help me with actionscript, then alot of these problems would be remedeyed. and i didnt know how to make it not loop.

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3.39 / 5.00

Mar 19, 2012
1:31 PM EDT