Dr Whooves and Assistant

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I've honestly have never had so many people help me work on this, it's awesome. I was so inspired by Piercesmoulder's audio series and after the somewhat recent success of my rendition of Cupcakes, I made this my next pony project. Not grimdark if you're worried.

I'm currently having issues with youtube and various other things that would otherwise make this more awesome (like the doctor whooves intro that I can't fit within the 20 mb limit). Can't seem to export a high enough quality video that will also work on my video editing software so that I can add the intro and youtube isn't accepting the mov and most converters suck so much ass. bad rant.

Anyway, enjoy.

Update: Wow! I got the daily first? That hasn't happened since VG Cats 2 (and it was a slow week back then). I'm floored at all the positive reviews and constructive critique and the fact that this is featured on EquestriaDaily.

Love you guys. Please forgive "Cupcakes" :P

Youtube: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_U0QDt8wiCs&list=UUfP3R9vq0TlkXJTYoDP3NMw&index=1&feature=plcp


Hmmm, It seems that Pnny's are the easiest flash animation to make. Story line was too dragged out and how someone below me has said, I feel, a bit more animation should be in order. It couldn't how my attention but I blame that on my ADD, lol. I am not going to give you a biased (even though I have mine) just because it's MLP. MLP's an alright show that actually teaches good virtues what it also seems to me is that some are trying so hard to have MLP relate to other parts of life, say make it more masculine. I don't know just something I've noticed, but it all fit to gather well, besides all that, and quite honestly you're well on your way! One of the principals of salesmanship is to please the masses. You've at least got a target audience.

too bad derpy's cutie mark is googly eyes, you know...cause she has googly eyes.. minus points for ignoring common logic.

on a side note derpy has never had anything to do with bubbles.

Good job using the whole MLP fad as a mask to hide your poor animation. This was so utterly bland and unimpressive, that I nearly fell asleep. If you're gonna ride the wave of the bandwagon, at least try to contribute something new and well-done. This is unfunny, boring, and the animation is robotic and hard to watch. The voice-acting is okay, albeit annoying, but that is irrelevant.

almost all bronies would like but forsome reason me a brony did not like disnsorry it was just boring

Animation / Idea was alright, butt voice work is just awful.

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Mar 18, 2012
3:03 PM EDT
Comedy - Parody
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