Ballon Shooter

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Balloon Math Shooter is a terrific math puzzle game that will beef up you basic math skills in a fun way! After solving a problem you should shoot at ballon with a number that is a solution of a math problem. If you will shoot at wrong balloon you will get a negative score. Each level brings harder sums to solve.


How dare you - ill teach you to teach me - keep your math to yourself the internet is for porn and mindless flash games not math -

Winning concept, failed execution.

Ideas for improvemets:

Speed up arrows
Remove the timer
Instead of a negative score set it up that you get three misses a game
better random number generator
Improve graphics, a fluid stickman would be more suitable than the current character

Thats just a couple ideas, like I said though, great concept, terrible execution.

Educational however the graphics are terrible, lacks interest, and it is to repetitive. It gets boring quickly.

the arrow is a bit slow

this isnt realy great.
the graphics and the controls suck, but the idea is good

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2.63 / 5.00

Mar 18, 2012
4:44 AM EDT
Puzzles - Quiz