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Simple RPG

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A simple RPG I coded after learning global variables, really more of a test than an actual game. All of the info is on the credits. Don't really pay much attention to the graphics or quality of the buttons, this was all about actionscript. You can fight monsters (Well monster, all the same one) using two different styles of attacks and after you kill it, you get gold and EXP that you can use to buy weapons and level up your stats. Don't forget to buy weapons and level up your stats before you start a fight and to run away if you are fighting a loosing battle.
A special thanks to Hetman80 for the art!

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hey this was actually fun, do better buttons maybe a choose left right dungion crawl, add in a little more graphics, pictures, variables, story it would be an awesome game

Wait...so we don't venture out to any other places? I thought there would be some progress made besides buying weaponry and fighting monsters.

Good for what it is. Make it a bit more challenging. Give it more replayability. Make it longer. I understand this was a test, now work on it to make it better.

good start to a good game

the first tag (shit) is the entire game