Have you got the balls?v1

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ok listen this is version 1.1, so that means that there are bugs and that its not finished
how to play: use the arrow keys, only the babby diffeculty is unlocked, there are only 3 levels for now.
BTW don't die the you only have one life!


really fun game just needs a better backround with better colors the full version should be great with all the bugs fixed

I like the idea and the music is cool :D

There was just one glitch that made my ball go right through the cube. Bummer really but yeah it'll be good to see the full version

1/3 of the game woks...
ok, didnt play this long, but here what i noticed:
- "how to play" dont work (maybe its just for me ?? )
- "i can only choose the easy mode
- music is a bit anoying :p
- think "reset" button should send you to the begining of the level(?), not to main manu
- if u jump of the ground, you should die (maybe something like auto reset)

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willslayer responds:

right right, i havent yet made the howtoplay button yet, i have only made one level because its not finished, i'm gonna make a mute button for the music, i'll change the reset button, and make a main menu button, i was gonna make an auto reset but I dont know the action code for it, so thanks telling me. time for a list i guess ;)

this is too much like the impossible game. the reset button sent me to the main screen,you might want to work on that. the fire was a nice touch,the physics could use a little work. i understand that this is a demo so i will be fair. 2 1/2 stars and a 3 rating.

willslayer responds:


The music is all right but I think you should have a option for the music and in the future add more veriety. I read the description and I do see some bugs and your game really.....Really needs help. The background is kinda anoying. The game isn't really the good over all.

willslayer responds:


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2.78 / 5.00

Mar 17, 2012
7:18 PM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop