W.E1 - Soda Can

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W.E(number) stands for Webdings Episode #. This is the first episode of a new series, and I hope you like it! If you don't like it, explain what you don't like about it. Future episodes will be longer! Also, this is dedicated to St. Patrick's Day!

Stay for about 9 seconds at the end when the "again?" button appears, and a surprise will happen!


Well, this is something new. We had letters, clocks, socoms and shapes in the portal, but I don't think anyone ever animated Webdings.

The story is a bit confusing at first, since I didn't realize that green thing was supposed to be a soda can, so I guess you should try to draw those kind of things a bit more detailed in the future.

The sound effects where a nice addition and you managed to time your animations and sound effects corretly, which is always a huge plus.

To be totally honest: This first episode didn't convice me that this might be the "next big thing" in the flash portal, but at least you got my attention now and I will try to follow how this series developes.

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Natty23 responds:

Thanks a lot!

The animation was clean and clear. The sound efects are nice too but it seemed to short and I really didn't see a point in this animation. It was just ... random. I suggest next you mite want to explain your "charatcers" or have some sort of plot at least. This was some what entertaining but it had more potentail. This gets 1.5 stars from me. I do hope you come up with somehing more interesting.


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Natty23 responds:


This was decent.

I'll start off this review like I start off my reviews of other flashes by pointing out the minor flaws. While I do honestly appreciate that you devote effort into putting actual shadowing on things, it isn't necessarily correct. A correct shadow is basically the thing you're shadowing upside down, squeezed and stretched. I could show you an example if ever necessary.

A major flaw with this was the drawing of the soda can. The submission's title has "Soda Can" in it, and even with the title took me a while to realize that was a can of soda. A square would represent a can of soda much better. With the smoothing of 100, it's harder to tell what it is. I use 50, JohnnyUtah I think recommends 40.

And the thing the webding held at the end was unidentifiable. while this was a bit short i can't fault it since you most likely tried to finish this by st. patrick's day so okeohiurhwdlkok


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Natty23 responds:

Thanks for the advice!

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Mar 17, 2012
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