I Am Flying To The Moon

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One step at a time, your space program is taking off. Use the money earned from each launch to upgrade your rocket. Grab all the powerups and fuel you can while heading for the stratosphere. Avoid colliding with blimps, balloons and UFOs - they hurt! How fast can you get to the moon?


Reached the Moon on Day 33. Could've been farther away, I agree. Too bad the game didn't continue automatically after that, I sort of thought there'd be another level where I'd be trying to get back to Earth. Fortunately I can still continue from the menu screen, but I don't get any money for checkpoints, altitude etc. after I've reached the Moon? Not even a Moon bonus?
Also, bit of a bug, when I reached the Moon, my Fuel was beeping. This beeping did not stop all the way through to the menu. Only when I got back to launching a new rocket, it stopped.

I do also agree the radar system works very well, and controlling the rocket is very good.

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The first "Into Space" is one of my absolute favorites. This game, which I'm guessing is based on Into Space, isn't quite as good or polished overall imo, but still a great game regardless.

The best feature in this one is the radar's design -- wow, excellent work there author.

I wish the moon were farther away because except for the radar, I didn't really need to upgrade most of my stats above level 7 to reach the moon. I also wish there were more upgrades for the radar because at the moment, it's useless to upgrade the engine past level 7 because you just won't be able to avoid obstacles fast enough with the current max radar. Or if you changed it so that the radar's range scaled with the engine speed, that would fix it.

At some elevations you can travel horizontally and resupply with infinite fuel refills or cash or booster.

Pretty fun, gets a bit boring after a while, but still pretty good. I also think the air traffic needs to be a bit better because sometimes there is hardly any, and sometimes there is so much you can't get 100 feet in the air with a fully upgraded ship. 4.5/5

it took me 72 days to get to the moon
heres a 2.5

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3.90 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2012
7:32 PM EDT
Action - Other