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Temple of the Spear

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Temple of the Spear is a Pulp Sci-Fi Action-Adventure game using a Gameboy-style palette.

Generations ago, your people fled inside a temple and went into hiding from the Iron Soldiers. Now, a splinter tribe seems to have brought back this ancient evil. You are sent to investigate.

You are armed with spears. You can stab with spears, and also throw them (which uses them up). You must therefor be careful with how you use your spears in solving the challenges of this action-adventure game.

Arrow Keys - Move
C- Stab
X - Throw
M - Mute

Game saves at checkpoints.

v. 1.15 - Increased difficulty in mid-game, decreased rate of enemies dropping health.

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Loved the Gameboy style! Well, not the sounds, they are true to the Gameboy, so they are a little..outdated and getting on my nerves. But the overall game is too boring and repetitive to interest me more than a few minutes. Maybe you should add some kind of upgrades, a more mysterious story with clues to find out, some darkness and riddles to solve..or more heart, you know, rescuing your girlfriend and such ;)

Good looking game and the music is pretty neat. The loop seems to be just the right length. I can't bring myself to finish it though because it's so repetitive and boring. Maybe I haven't hit the interesting stuff yet, but opening gates and having one-hit enemies gets old. And no difficulty due to frequent checkpoints that restore health and ammo.

So cool! Looks legit! I would rather have three lives or something than many checkpoints though... but that's just me.

It's just too much of the same puzzle over and over again. Your not creative enough. Repetitiveness becomes boring and kills the game. Though I will give you credit for making the game look like a Game Boy Original game. Don't get me wrong, I did enjoy the game.

could be a bit more difficult.
maybe a dash feature- character moves a little slow to me
was fairly interesting although as is a little short.