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I'm just as shocked as you guys that this is on the front page. LOTTA BUTTHURT PEOPLE ON HERE. I'll just stick to drawing pictures <3
I had a day off and I decided to do nothing but make this. I know not ALL Minecraft players are like this, just 99% of them are. I'm not that great at animation so it's all tweens n junk. I made an animation similar to this one about Bayonetta: http://www.youtube.com/wa tch?v=DLpliI-dsS0

oh yeah, it loops.


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Honestly, this is the sort of animation that gets propelled to the frontpage because of people arguing shit, stirring up a huge commotion in the process.

And I'll be honest: the animation really sucks. The movie loops, annoying me to no end as I write this review. The voice is really repetitive, it felt like a chore watching this. But you know what? The only saving grace is the message you're presenting, which fits the Minecraft community to a tee. I can't tell you how much I feel that Minecraft is being ruined by the community of 12-year olds. Hell, I was in that group of 12-year olds at one point. Minecraft isn't a terrible game; the community is just toxic.

But yeah; animation-wise, this was kind of bad. But the message is pretty relevant, sadly.

Minecraft is my favorite game but this is mostly true (jk all of it is true) and I must say that there isn't anybody who plays Minecraft often who cannot say that this is entirely true.

Honestly, the animation isn't good. Poor fluidity, really bad voice acting, unoriginal and not well performed. Did you even try?

samchappy responds:

Not really.

this is fully explainable

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Mar 16, 2012
10:25 AM EDT
Comedy - Original