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win the game


Well, the character gets stuck often when moving and changing directions quickly, and on the first level, you should nopt be hit by the balls right away. Also, it is very challenging, the graphics aren't very good, but i do like how simple the title screen is.

To the review below me: LOL AVGN.

Errors: Only one life.

I fell through the floor on level 3.

Lack of color.

1 life and no continues WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?

As basic as a flash game can get, this upset me to even play. I got to level three seven times, level four three, and level 5 once. I gave you the benefit of the doubt, hoping it might turn into something better, but I was dissapointed.
I gave points for basic coding skills. That is all. If you are a young kid, like ten or so and this is your first game, then congrats, but please, take a bit more time and upload something playable next time.
Thanks for the game, please get better.

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This game needs a seriously heavy amount of work done to it!

For one I actually have not beaten the game yet as you spawn in the corner for level three and no matter how carefully I plan out the movement to get out of the corner I get hit by one of the balls anyways. To me it seems like that is simply making the game unwinnable. Should do as you did for the first to and have them randomly going somewhere on the screen rather coming right into the corner so you can't beat the level and finish the game. Fix that and do the same for any of the levels for four through seven as that just seem to be making the game unfair to most or all players.

The medal should either be removed altogether or actually given a name and description, "M", and "y" don't tell me anything about the medal or how to get it, for all I know it could be for getting hit by the balls a certain amount of times or restarting or whatever. That and seeing the medal, it looks like it has "Level 1" on it which makes me think even more that it's just for doing something on the first level rather than trying to complete the game.

Graphically, this game was boring. Black and white visuals aren't very appealing and since you aren't really having to do much aside from trying or attempting to beat the game you could have spent more time, far more time on the graphics and making it better than what it currently is which is bland.

The game play itself remains difficult and seems you did not spend very much time trying to code it very well. The circles while they do bounce seem to have been coded with a square in mind since multiple times for the bigger balls even when they did not touch me I would die and have to start over again, need to check and redo the coding there. Another minor thing is when I go right after doing the coded walking motion the character will be facing left again instead of standing and looking right. Playing around a bit, you coded the walking left correctly but left out a frame for going right since they auto turn left.

Another thing that could be done is giving instructions of how to play which seems rather easy as it is left and right. That and possibly giving a back story as to why they are running from the balls so they have a purpose to run. Do that much and maybe the game will be better than it currently is.

Sadly, the only thing I was even able to enjoy from the game was the music which was not too bad of a choice although a couple of other songs could have been used maybe to try to be more fitting to the game itself.

Overall, aside from the music itself which was actually alright, the rest of this game needs to be worked on a lot! The coding is a bit unfinished, level three cannot be finished or even get started long enough to survive in its current state, walking cycle for going right is missing a frame, no instructions or back story, medal has no purpose and needs to be updated so players will understand how to get it even though it is possibly just beating the game but I have no idea if that is what it is for. Graphics could use updating, maybe another song or two. Game just needs overall, a major redoing and lots of fixes.

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1.30 / 5.00

Mar 16, 2012
5:05 AM EDT
Skill - Avoid