Miracle Explosion-Ep#01

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UPDATE (10-4-2002):
This is a new version of episode #01 with improved graphics, sound, and motion. Reviews 66 and before all refer to the old version. Be sure to check out the new Bear Music Video at the end.

Miracle Explosion began as a short-lived comic-strip I created years ago. With the advent of Flash, I have decided to make it into an epic animated series. This is episode #01: Anointment. If you enjoy this, be sure to visit my site where you can see more of my work, as well as the original MX strips. By the way, I made the music using Sonic Foundry's Acid Program. It didn't come from Napster.

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I thought this was going to be a kickass explosion with multiple stages, sister explosions, shockwaves, and great sound.... bah

Very Original!

Firstly, let me say your characters are probably the most original I've seen so far.

Animation was really good, I have no idea of the story until I watch the rest of the series so I can't say anything about it at this time.

Anyway, this was really surreal yet quite fun too :)


So, there's the guys with the cut-off arms who are the bad guys and they fight the purple guy with the big green dick, but then there's like this other guy in purple who watches the Butt Scratchin Bear Show who was saved by a ninja beaver...Oh hell, it doesn't make sense when I say it really slow. I will watch again after smoking more pot.

I have to agree...

with the last person. I am not excactly "getting" everything...Hopefully the next episode will explain more. Good job.


I don't get it.....but I like it.

I'm a little lost on the concept of the story, buit it's nicely done. It's amazing what you've done with your graphics. The way you've made the screen move almost makes this feel interactive. The only problem I had was that the flow seemed kind of off, kinda jumpy. I guess I'll just have to check out more of the series to know what's going on. Excellent job in any case. Keep it up.

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Sep 18, 2000
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