Peace Break: Hero

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Destroy 20 different kinds of enemies and 3 cool bosses with 36 amazing upgrades in this Epic arena shooting game! As the hero of the cat planet, it's time for you to save the world!


- Easy to pick up and play, but difficult to fully complete.

- 20 different kinds of enemies and 3 bosses each with their own unique abilities.

- 36 unique upgrades combined science and magic.

- High level of intensity at later levels.

- Physical interaction between the player and environment.

- Easy, Normal and hard mode for each level.


- WASD or arrows - movement

- Mouse - aim and shoot

- 1~4, Q, E, R, F and Space to change skills

- P to pause, M to mute

Developed by Annie&Mark
Produced by Teagames.com

-----------Update Version1.0.5 3/16/12---------
Thanks for all your suggestions!
As Almighty and forts are too powerful, I set a max number of the forts.
The final boss a little easier.

-----------Update Version1.0.6 3/19/12---------
Fix the you win page bug.

-----------Update Version1.0.7 3/20/12---------
Change the hotkey settings from 1~8 and space to 1~4 and Q, E, R, F, space.

-----------Update Version1.0.8 3/21/12---------
Fix little bugs on instruction pages.

Thanks again for all the feedbacks!

ps: If you see the version number on main menu is still v1.0.7, it is an older version of the game.

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Nice design leading up to the final boss, but the forts sort of overpower the game as others were saying (yeah taking points off for that). Taking more for requiring me to have 3 hands - my hands were permanently on the wrong keys and I was completely disoriented the last couple of battles, so I started spamming - not good. I also dislike the star upgrade system philosophy, but I won't take off for that preference.

Add more bindings similar to how you have [space] set up (CTRL ALT SHIFT etc) and perhaps alternate style fire (for instance triple fire could change to dual fire during cooldown - maybe even on scrollwheel or Q/E). This will help avoid the whole mess with the numbers - I rarely used more than 4 skills in battle. More skills should have been passive like the rockets (freeze arrow would have gone nice there).

I find it interesting you didn't use the typical lasers and lightning skills, but you really innovated on bombs. Your charging/overtax system feels right.

Very very very nice!

Pretty good... But I had afew minor issues with both gameplay and style used.
The final boss has an obscene jump in difficulty, and it took me a couple tries to get it.
As well, the sheer number of skills and range of keys used to activate them made activating a skill when it was needed fairly cumbersome and difficult. On the final boss I ended up removing all of the abilities except for 3 simply to improve the ease of use, something I shouldn't have had to do.
As well, the skill trees could be completed before the final boss was reached, and most of the final skills for each didn't really feel like "Ultimate abilities".
The story was non-existant, and seemed more like an excuse to have a game than an actual story. When in battle, the background didn't really do anything for you, and while it was good it didn't detract from some of the busier moments in battle, it didn't create any flavor or add anything to the game.
Overall: Bland and clunky. Not terrible, but really not anything special either. Just another ship-based shmup, and not even memorable at that.
Next time: Make skill usage smoother and more rewarding, improve the scaling of the difficulty to be more reasonable toward the end, and try to give something more than just "ships shooting at each other."

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anniedududu responds:

It was supposed to use "rage" skill to fight against the final boss, which can help you do a large amount of damage when the final boss were not in protection of round electricity ball.
Yes, we will create a much better game next!

I tried playing this on your sponsor/producer's, teagames. The version there is ATROCIOUS. Every time you die, it literally shuts down the game, to show an ad, then makes the game load back up again and makes you go back through all the menus just to continue where you left off. It reflects poorly on you and you ought to look into it.

the version on here is just great though. It does feel a bit unbalanced, since there's so many ways to deal damage, and to take it, health seems to be rather meaningless and you can die in half a second. basing score on health doesn't seem a good idea therefore, as the health is so modular. All you really have to do, if you survive long enough, is to keep the last enemy alive while you regen a bit and use your healing spells, for an easy perfect score. Most of the time i either get a perfect score or die horribly, it's too binary.

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anniedududu responds:

Thanks a lot for your suggestions! We'll try to avoid the problem in the next version.

Often it is very hard to keep tabs on where your ship is, I noticed at times I completely lose sight of him while its getting nuked down witht he bombs. Very nice comcept tho.

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3.95 / 5.00

Mar 15, 2012
3:43 AM EDT
Action - Shooter - Multidirectional