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THAT'S RIGHT IT'S GAME #2 IN MY [games I made a couple years ago that have been stuck in sponsor-limbo ever since] COLLECTION!!!!
This one never came out either.

Here's the thing: I like stealth games. I don't like using night-vision, I don't like turning invisible for 3 seconds, I don't like running right up to a guy and killing him before he switches animations or any o that crap- I wanna SNEAK!! I wanna OUTSMART SOME GUARDS and TRICK PEOPLE and HIDE AROUND CORNERS. So the challenge with this was to make fun, capable, likeable AI guards, and then build rooms to put them in. Because the guards are the star of these games, in my opinion.

It was really tough, cos I had to actually research pathfinding. Pathfinding is some COMPLEX COMPUTER SCIENCE, no joke. You don't see it for real in a lot of flash games and now I know why. Also designing a stealth game is tough in general.
So-- this was made a couple years ago, and at the time I wanted to make a game with serious fiction. Looking at it now, I hate that, and it's not my style. I think it lacks personality and isn't very interesting, so that's a shame.

FUNNY STORY: It was called "Digital Sky" for 2 years, up until 3 minutes ago where we decided that was a boring name in Skype. So the sponsor tried to convince me to call it "Iron Gear" or "Metal someting" for about 5 minutes, when I said "Don't be dumb... I will SETTLE for something with 'Solid' in it." and then came up with "Solid Sneak" as a dumb joke name.
Like I said, I don't like the atmosphere in this game anyway, so who cares right?

Still think it's a pretty sweet game though, I'm glad I made a stealth game the way I like em.
That last game was the first one in a while to not get front page. WILL THIS ONE? ONLY TOM WILL TELL!

EDIT- Aw dammit. I updated the file to fix everything but it won't update. Maybe I have to wait a few hours for the system to approve it? shit man, I dunno!


ya this is my first time with an account : )

I-smel responds:


what does the space bar do? anyway a very good game!
unforcanatly (<--- i suck at spelling it) i cant get past the locker room. lol

Metal Gears Solid Snake i have the first game i have lvl 3 card and i am on dr Emmrichs misson the ninja fighting it pises me off

The little bit I got to play was awesome! Had a bug though, when I got the message about knocking on walls I accidentally paused and the game wouldn't unpause.

it was to hard and the suit Dident help do anything thats way i loved it 5 stars

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3.75 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2012
6:50 AM EDT
Action - Other