When I Was Young

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Become younger 5 Points

Collect mysterious sand to become younger

Finally young 5 Points

Collect sandglass to become really young

Finish round 10 Points

Finish the game at least once

Bulletproof 25 Points

Finish round without single death

Golden cup 25 Points

Finish round in less than 2:20 to get the golden cup

Secret passage 25 Points

Find the secret passage in the game

Rocket 50 Points

Finish round in less than 1:40 minutes

Sprinter 50 Points

Finish a game (4 rounds) in less than 10 minutes

Ace 100 Points

Collect all achievements in the game

Author Comments

Collect special "time bonuses" becoming younger, stronger and faster. Avoid angry watches and shooting clocks and try to find the way back to your youth. Get to the finish as fast as you can and earn the highest score. Unlock achievements while playing.

This game was created for Russian contest of one week development. That is why it is pretty short. Hope you will like it's fast paced gameplay.

UPDATE: Newgrounds medals added


funny game

Fun game, but but you can barly make the jumps, and the enemy placement is jerkish.

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i luv it but... its kind of confusing

This was good enough to recommend. I think the strongest point was probably how it was a pretty easy going game. It's a bit too easy, but also too hard at times. It is simply killer to make it over that one jump where you have to go past a wide area and over a small spike area. It would have been better if you could kill the clocks by jumping on them. Of course, we here on Newgrounds have a wide appreciation of clocks, I guess.

The voice seemed to be the same whenever he said, "Ouch". There could have probalby been more detail. I would have liked it more if you had some easier jumps to make. You would be surprised at how frustrating this game can get as there are in fact a fair number of obstacles. It's not that special, but still decent.

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This is a pretty nice game in my opinion. I kinda liked the colourful graphics, even though the drawings and animation are a little bit simplistic. The music is alright too. I think the tune is kinda catchy although I doubt I can bare listening to it for long.

What I didn't really like was the "screen to screen" exploring rather than having the camera scroll with you. Actually, that in itself isn't a problem, but on some screens you are suddenly right in front of a gap or have an enemy right in your face. I think that's a little annoying and it makes it quite hard to time your jumps. It would nice if you made the level lay-out so that you can at least see where you end up and be sure that you can safely walk into the next screen.

Lastly, personally I kinda like how it's a bit on the short side. There were a couple of screens where I died quite a lot of times and if the game had been much longer I think that would've only made it more and more frustrating. If you're ever going to make a sequel I think keeping it short and sweet is fine.

3.5 / 5


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jarofed responds:

Thank you for the great feedback. I will keep your ideas in account if decide to make the sequel.

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Credits & Info

3.21 / 5.00

Mar 14, 2012
5:19 AM EDT
Action - Platformer - Hop and Bop